Wembanyama jersey NBA rookie record sale Sotheby’s

– Victor Wembanyama’s game-worn jersey from his NBA debut sold for a record-breaking $762,000
– The jersey sold for 6x more than the initial estimate
– Wembanyama’s jersey accounted for 61% of the auction’s total revenue



Victor Wembanyama is making waves in the NBA and the latest news is about a major sale of his game-worn jersey from his NBA debut. According to Sotheby’s, the fine arts company, the jersey sold for a record-breaking $762,000. This marks the highest tally for a debut uniform and one of the highest for any rookie jersey in the modern era, far surpassing initial estimates.
For comparison, a month after Wembanyama’s debut, Zion Williamson’s jersey sold for $80,040, while Wembanyama’s summer league jersey recently went for $62,000. The all-time record for a game-worn rookie jersey was set in May 2021 on a Kobe Bryant uniform. Wembanyama’s sale accounted for 61% of the total brought in from the auction, which totaled $1.249 million.
Wembanyama’s impressive rookie season has been garnering attention, but he is facing competition for NBA Rookie of the Year. Chet Holmgren, another rookie big man, has been posting similar numbers and has leapfrogged Wembanyama in the current rookie rankings. Despite Wembanyama’s promising performances, the race for NBA Rookie of the Year remains competitive.

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