Warriors’ Draymond Green Questionable for Season Opener Against Suns with Ankle Sprain

‣ Draymond Green is questionable to play in the opening night game due to an ankle sprain.
‣ Green has been cleared to begin practicing with the team and his return to game action will depend on his progress.
‣ Green recently called out Ja Morant’s father for negatively impacting his son’s career.


The NBA season is finally here, and fans are excited for opening night on October 24. One team that will be taking the court is the Golden State Warriors, who are set to face off against the Phoenix Suns. However, the Warriors might have to play without star player Draymond Green, who is currently questionable due to an ankle sprain he suffered during training camp, as confirmed by coach Steve Kerr.

According to a statement released by the Warriors, Green has been making progress with his recovery and has been cleared to begin practicing with the team. The decision on his return to game action will be based on his continued progress. Despite his injury, Green was seen practicing shots over the weekend, showing that he is determined to get back on the court as soon as possible.

In an interview with ESPN, Green expressed that he feels good but still has some progress to make before he feels fully himself again. He initially injured his ankle in late September, expecting to be out for at least a month, but luckily, he didn’t sustain a more severe injury. With his recent contract extension, coach Kerr is thrilled to have Green back, praising his contributions to the team and his compatibility with players like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

In other news, Green recently made headlines for calling out Ja Morant’s father, Tee Morant. ESPN released an article revealing how Tee Morant’s involvement in Ja Morant’s career has had a negative impact. Green didn’t hold back, posting an Instagram story that ignited controversy around the Memphis player, who is currently facing a 25-game ban for the start of the NBA season. Green’s post sarcastically commented on removing another black father from their child’s life, adding fuel to the fire surrounding Morant and his father.

Opening night is just around the corner, and basketball fans can’t wait for the action to begin. Will Draymond Green be able to overcome his ankle injury and hit the court alongside his Warriors teammates? And how will the situation between Green and Morant unfold in the coming weeks? Stay tuned for more updates as the NBA season kicks off.

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