Warriors Deny Rumors, See Jonathan Kuminga as Future Star & Won’t Trade Him

‣ There have been rumors that rising basketball star Jonathan Kuminga has lost faith in his head coach Steve Kerr, and there is speculation that he might be leaving the Warriors roster.
‣ Despite trade rumors, multiple sources suggest that the Warriors are reluctant to trade Kuminga, as he is seen as a potential star who can support the team both now and in the future.
‣ Steve Kerr has addressed the situation, stating that he has met with Kuminga and that the team still sees him as a future star.


Jonathan Kuminga’s game time has been somewhat restricted in recent weeks. This has led to rumors that the rising star is losing faith in his coach, Steve Kerr. This narrative has been a recurring theme in Kuminga’s young career. Now, fans and experts alike are questioning whether he truly has a place in the Warriors’ lineup.

As the trade deadline approaches, speculation has only increased. Reports suggest that Pascal Siakam may be coming to Golden State, and Kuminga might be on his way out. Insider Michael Grange broke the news about the potential trade involving the Raptors’ star.

However, multiple sources indicate that the Warriors are reluctant to trade Kuminga. They see him as a potential star who can help them win both now and in the future. He’s viewed as a rare asset on the roster who can support Steph Curry in the present and help transition to a successful post-Curry era, if and when that comes.

Kuminga reportedly doesn’t believe Kerr will allow him to reach his full potential. This sentiment was shared by Bleacher Report on Twitter. A noteworthy detail is Kuminga’s close relationship with Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob. Lacob has historically been hesitant to let go of young talent that represents the Warriors’ ‘two-timelines’ strategy.

A few weeks back, Kuminga wasn’t considered during the final 18 minutes of his team’s loss against the Denver Nuggets. Reporter Shams Charania noted that this incident was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” The 21-year-old has been vocal about his frustrations but acknowledges his role in the Bay Area squad.

Kuminga expressed his confusion after a loss on Christmas Day. He said, “Sometimes, I come out the game not knowing what I did. And that messes with my head. It’s like, ‘What they want me to do?’ I can pass and I can do different s—.”

Steve Kerr, the Warriors’ coach, revealed that he’s had a meeting with Kuminga. Kerr made it clear that Golden State still views him as a future star and wants to help him reach his full potential. Kerr stated, “We talked. Obviously those things are better discussed behind the scenes. Any time something like that goes public it creates a distraction. It’s important for all of our guys — and I talked to our whole team about it — you got an issue? I’m here. I am the most accessible coach in the league probably. My door is always open.”

Kerr acknowledged the difficulty of the situation. He said, “It’s a difficult situation because every player naturally has his own goals, his own dreams. Everybody wants to flourish, everybody wants to blossom. We have a lot of guys who are capable of playing and I have very difficult decisions to make each and every night. [Kuminga] is a young player, he’s growing, he’s getting better, that’s why he’s been in the starting lineup. He will continue to grow and this is all part of his growth.”

Kuminga, now in his third year, has been playing the best basketball of his career so far this campaign. He even replaced Andrew Wiggins in the starting lineup. However, it’s important to note that both players have very different skillsets that can be utilized depending on the context.

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