Warriors coach Steve Kerr addresses Draymond Green’s chokehold incident

– Draymond Green was wrong for holding Rudy Gobert in a headlock, but Rudy was also wrong for putting his arms on Klay Thompson
– Stephen A. Smith criticized the NBA for being too soft and suggested that Rudy’s teammates should have intervened to protect him from Draymond’s attack

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The recent brawl in the NBA community has sparked controversy and varying opinions. One analyst explained, “I didn’t have a problem with [Green] getting Rudy off of Klay, because the rule of thumb is you don’t put your hands on a player on the other team,” he explained. “You get your own guy. So I thought Rudy was wrong for putting his arms on Klay, regardless of his intentions. So I had no problem with Draymond getting him off of him.” While Green knows he made a mistake, many are shocked that the scuffle even occurred at all. Stephen A. Smith called the NBA ‘soft as tissue paper’ amid Draymond’s headlock on Gobert.
Most of the NBA community expressed shock after the recent brawl that exploded after Thompson and McDaniels pulled their jerseys, and resulted in Green holding Gobert in a dangerous headlock for several seconds. After the league announced their punishment, Stephen A. Smith says the NBA shouldn’t only blame Draymond for the situation, expressing that Rudy’s teammates could’ve done something about it instead of just letting the Warriors forward attack their big man. According to the broadcasting icon, Rudy’s teammates could’ve done something about it instead of just letting the Warriors forward hold their big man.

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