Vasilije Micic on Adjusting to NBA’s Three-Point Line with Thunder

‣ Vasilije Micic showcased his abilities in the NBA, contributing significantly to Oklahoma City’s victory over Denver with a stat line of 12 points and 5 assists in 17 minutes, marking his best season performance.

‣ Micic discussed his adjustment to the NBA, highlighting the differences in the three-point line and the playing style, as well as his efforts to adapt to Oklahoma City’s strategy, which involves playing with four small players and a lot of aggressiveness.

‣ Throughout his first NBA season, Micic has been learning and understanding his role within the Oklahoma City squad, emphasizing the importance of being ready every day, working on small details, and how his decade-long professional experience has prepared him to play different types of roles for the team.


Vasilije Micic is stepping into the spotlight this NBA season. And boy, did he shine this Thursday, helping Oklahoma City trump the reigning champs, Denver. In just 17 minutes, he showed he’s not just warming the bench.

He led the Thunder’s second unit, racking up 12 points and 5 assists. Not too shabby for shooting 4-of-8, right? He was the guy steering the ship for quite a few moments during the game.

Post-victory, Micic faced the press. He opened up about the big leap from European courts to the NBA’s dazzling arenas. “Three-point line,” he began, hinting at the adjustments he’s had to make. “A little bit of everything,” he added, painting a picture of his transition.

Micic’s tweet after the game was all buzz. “Vasilije Micic hit the NBA champions with his best season performance 12 PTS (CAREER-HIGH) 5 AST 2 REB in only 17 minutes.” Talk about making a statement!

Adapting to Oklahoma City’s unique playstyle has been a journey. “Our style is very specific,” he noted, mentioning the team’s preference for a smaller, more aggressive lineup. And Chet Holmgren? “Capable of doing a lot as a guard,” Micic mused, clearly impressed.

At 30, Micic is no rookie. Yet, the NBA’s pace and style demanded some getting used to. “But once you learn how to play with the ball, it’s easier to adjust,” he shared, optimism in his tone. He’s proud of the team’s rapid growth, a sentiment not lost on the insiders.

Learning from the younger players has been an unexpected twist for him. “Kind of funny,” he admits, but he’s all praises for their smart talks and attention to detail. The coaching staff’s support has been pivotal, helping him gel into the team.

Halfway into his first NBA season, Micic’s stats are modest but improving. Averaging less than 12 minutes on the court, he’s still managing to contribute 3.5 points and 2.4 assists per game. It’s clear; he’s on an upward trajectory.

Micic’s post-game reflections revealed a deeper understanding of his role within the team. “It’s a story that’s kind of obvious for my case,” he said, acknowledging his evolving position and the importance of being ready every day.

The Serbian veteran’s decade-long career has prepared him well. He’s learned to adapt and thrive in various roles, always putting the team first. “Playing with the ball is something that is very common for me,” he reflected, appreciating the chance to play his way.

In conclusion, Micic’s journey from EuroLeague MVP to NBA contributor is a tale of adaptation, learning, and growth. He’s not just playing; he’s evolving, maturing, and most importantly, contributing to the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s dynamic narrative.

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