Utah Jazz Coach Will Hardy: Contract, Salary, Net Worth, Record, Wife

‣ Will Hardy is a rising star in basketball coaching, currently guiding the Utah Jazz after starting his career with the San Antonio Spurs in 2013.
‣ Hardy’s salary is estimated to be in the range of four to five million dollars per year, based on the salaries of other first-time head coaches.
‣ Despite being a relatively new head coach, Hardy’s net worth is estimated to be around 614K, a figure expected to rise as his coaching career progresses.


Will Hardy is a shining star in the world of basketball coaching. He got his foot in the door back in 2013, working as a video coordinator for Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find him at the helm of the Utah Jazz, steering them into an exciting new era of basketball.

But, what’s the paycheck of this rising star like? Well, we’re about to dive into the details of Hardy’s salary, his net worth, his coaching record, and a bit more. Let’s get into it.

Let’s talk about Will Hardy’s contract and salary. He’s currently in the second year of a five-year deal he signed with the Utah Jazz in 2022. The exact amount? That’s a secret. But, we can make some educated guesses.

Take Joe Mazzulla, for instance. He’s Hardy’s colleague over at the Boston Celtics. He signed a deal to become the Celtics’ head coach in 2023. This is Mazzulla’s first head coaching gig too, and he’s raking in about 4.7 million dollars per year. Another first-time head coach, Adrian Griffin, is making a cool four million dollars per year.

So, based on these figures, we could estimate Hardy’s yearly salary to be somewhere in the four to five-million dollar range. Not too shabby, huh?

Now, let’s talk about Will Hardy’s net worth. Various sources have pegged it to be around 614K. It’s a bit lower compared to other head coaches, but it makes sense. Hardy has only been working in the NBA since 2013 and just started being a head coach last season. As his career progresses, his net worth will likely also continue to climb.

Since joining the NBA in 2013, Hardy has worked with some big names – the Spurs, Jazz, and Celtics.

Next up, Will Hardy’s head coaching record. Being a first-time head coach, he doesn’t have a massive number of games under his belt. His current record stands at 43-56 through 99 games, which gives him a win percentage of 43.4%. It’s worth noting that the Jazz have been in a rebuilding phase since Hardy took over, which has undoubtedly affected his record.

Up until now, Hardy has never been a head coach for a playoff game. But who knows what the future holds?

Lastly, a bit about Will Hardy’s personal life. He’s married to Spencer Lenn Hardy (formerly Spencer Ladd). The couple welcomed their daughter, Elliot, into the world in 2019.

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