Tyronn Lue: LA Clippers Coach Contract, Salary, Net Worth, Record, Wife

‣ Tyronn Lue, former NBA player and current coach, is in the fourth year of his five-year deal with the Los Angeles Clippers, earning about seven million dollars per year.
‣ Lue’s net worth is estimated to be around 25 million dollars, a significant portion of which comes from his earnings during his playing days and his current coaching salary.
‣ Lue’s regular season head coaching record currently sits at 269-195 (win percentage of 58.0%), and his playoff record is 52-33 (61.2%).


After an 11-year stint as a journeyman in the NBA, Tyronn Lue decided to hang up his boots. His new mission? Impacting the game from the sidelines. Today, he’s the main man for one of the priciest starting lineups in NBA history.

But, ever wondered about this player-turned-coach’s earnings? In this piece, we’ll dive into Lue’s salary, net worth, coaching records, and more.

Let’s start with the Tyronn Lue contract and salary. Lue is currently in his fourth year of a five-year deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. According to Salary Swish, he’s pocketing about seven million dollars annually. The last year of his deal was initially non-guaranteed. However, this offseason, it was reported that the Clippers have guaranteed the final year of the contract (the 2024-25 season).

At seven million dollars a year, Lue is on the higher end when it comes to coaches’ salaries. He’s earning more than other fairly experienced guys like Frank Vogel (6.2 million per year), Billy Donovan (6 million), and Tom Thibodeau (5 million). In fact, at seven million dollars, Lue is just outside the top five in yearly salary (Rick Carlisle is fifth at 7.25 million dollars per year).

Now, let’s talk about Tyronn Lue’s playing career earnings. As mentioned earlier, Lue spent 11 seasons in the NBA, playing with seven different teams (most notably the Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards). According to HoopsHype, during his playing days, Lue made roughly 21.4 million dollars. If you adjust that for inflation, that equates to about 33.7 million dollars today.

Next up, Tyronn Lue’s net worth. The website Celebrity Net Worth estimates Lue’s net worth to be around 25 million dollars. He made a good chunk during his playing days, which probably contributes a great deal to his current fortune. The rest of that wealth likely comes from his time as an NBA coach.

Lue has been coaching at the NBA level since 2011 when he got his first gig as an assistant coach on the Boston Celtics. After four seasons of being an assistant coach with three different teams, Lue got his first chance at being a head coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers (who he guided to a title in his first season). From there, Lue eventually moved on to his current role with the Clippers. He spent one season in Los Angeles as an assistant before officially being named head coach in 2020.

Now, let’s look at Tyronn Lue’s head coaching record. In 464 career games, Lue’s regular season head coaching record currently sits at 269-195 (win percentage of 58.0%). With those marks, Lue sits at 83rd all-time in wins and 44th in all-time in win percentage. In terms of the playoffs, Lue’s record sits at 52-33 (61.2%). That gives him the 24th most wins in playoff history and the 10th-best win percentage.

Lastly, a bit about Tyronn Lue’s personal life. As of writing this, Lue is unmarried and does not have any children. However, he is distant cousins with NBA star Jayson Tatum.

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