Tyrese Maxey’s Early Season Breakout: A Reality Check

‣ Maxey has been a Toronto Raptors killer and has been performing exceptionally well in the early part of the season.
‣ Maxey’s sustainability as a star player is being questioned due to his previous shooting performance and new responsibilities as a point guard.
‣ Head coach Nick Nurse’s strategies and adjustments have contributed to Maxey’s success, particularly in creating opportunities for him to drive to the basket and facilitating his scoring.



Tyrese Maxey is off to an impressive start in the 2023-24 NBA season. Known for his ability to perform well against the Toronto Raptors, Maxey has been terrorizing all opponents he faces. In his first three games, he is averaging 30.3 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 6.3 assists. With James Harden absent, Maxey has stepped into the point guard position and has shown star potential.

There are, however, concerns about Maxey’s sustainability. While he has had hot shooting streaks before, it remains to be seen if he can continue this level of performance for an entire season. His shooting percentages are expected to regress slightly, but his increased free-throw rate could be a sustainable improvement. Maxey has been drawing fouls more effectively and has already had two games with double-digit free throw attempts.

Head coach Nick Nurse has played a role in Maxey’s success. Nurse has created schemes that allow Maxey to attack the basket and draw fouls. He has also made sure that Maxey receives the ball in advantageous positions, utilizing his speed and scoring ability. Nurse’s playbook has been beneficial not only in terms of free throw numbers but also in generating better scoring opportunities for Maxey.

Maxey’s connection with Joel Embiid has been a highlight of the Sixers’ offense. Maxey’s athleticism and movement shooting have allowed him to play off Embiid in ways that former teammate James Harden rarely did. The chemistry and improvisation between Maxey and Embiid have been seamless, and they constantly find ways to exploit weaknesses in the defense. The team is running more dribble handoffs this season, and Maxey has excelled in that aspect of the game.

While it remains to be seen if Maxey can sustain his early-season success, his performances so far have been promising. With the help of Coach Nurse and his chemistry with Embiid, Maxey has emerged as a key player for the Philadelphia 76ers.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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