Tyrese Maxey Focused on Development Amidst James Harden Turmoil

‣ James Harden advised Tyrese Maxey to be aggressive and be himself on the court.

‣ The Sixers front office has postponed offering Maxey a contract extension until the situation with Harden is resolved.

‣ Sixers coach Nick Nurse wants Maxey to improve his aggressiveness and take more chances.


Tyrese Maxey, a rising star on the Philadelphia 76ers, still cherishes the advice he received from James Harden when he first joined the team. Harden encouraged him to be aggressive and true to himself, rather than solely relying on passing to center Joel Embiid. Maxey was just 20 years old at the time and appreciated learning from Harden’s experience in the guard role.

However, Harden’s relationship with the 76ers has soured recently, as he called team president Daryl Morey a liar and expressed his desire to never play under his administration again. Despite Harden’s struggles to secure a trade, Maxey is determined to step up and shine during the upcoming NBA season. Unfortunately, the contract extension the young player was hoping for has been postponed due to the situation with Harden.

Maxey understands the business aspect of the game and remains committed to giving his all for the team, regardless of his contract situation. He values his time in Philadelphia and wants to help the team succeed. Maxey still maintains a close friendship with Harden and recognizes the impact the veteran star has had on his development.

The Sixers’ new head coach, Nick Nurse, has identified aggressiveness as an area where Maxey can improve. Nurse believes that Maxey has the talent but needs to push himself and take more chances on the court. The coach emphasizes Maxey’s strength in getting to the basket and creating open three-point opportunities but wants him to be even more aggressive in taking those chances.

As Maxey enters his fourth year with the Sixers, his career numbers show steady improvement. He averaged 20.3 points per game in the previous season and boasts impressive shooting percentages. With his growth and potential, sports betting sites now consider the Philadelphia 76ers as serious contenders in the league this season.

The new NBA season will kick off with a matchup between the Sixers and the Milwaukee Bucks, two powerhouses in the Eastern Conference. This game will provide an early test for Maxey and the team as they seek to make their mark and prove themselves as true contenders.

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