Tyrese Haliburton May Return from Hamstring Injury for Pacers vs Celtics on Tuesday

Indiana Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton, who has missed 10 of the past 11 games due to a hamstring injury, is expected to return for the game against the Boston Celtics. He has been out with a Grade 1 left hamstring strain but managed to return briefly, showcasing his skill with 21 points and 17 assists in a game against Portland before missing more games due to the injury.
‣ Haliburton is having a standout season, averaging career highs of 23.6 points and 12.6 assists per game, and leading the NBA in assists per game (12.6) and assist percentage (52.1%). Despite his injury, he is still on pace to become the sixth NBA player to average at least 12 assists per game in a season, joining the ranks of legendary players like John Stockton and Magic Johnson.
‣ The Pacers have managed to win three straight games without Haliburton and are currently sixth in the Eastern Conference. Haliburton’s return could significantly impact their performance and positioning as they look to improve their standing in the East.


Tyrese Haliburton, the shining star of the Indiana Pacers, has been riding the bench for a bit. He’s missed 10 out of the last 11 games. Why? A pesky hamstring injury. But, word on the street is, he’s making a comeback Tuesday night against the Boston Celtics.

The trouble started with a Grade 1 left hamstring strain. Happened during a victory lap against Boston on January 8. Haliburton was sidelined for the next five games. Then, like a plot twist in a sports movie, he returned with a bang against Portland on January 19. Dropped 21 points and dished out 17 assists. But, alas, the injury saga continued, and he missed another five games.

Now, let’s talk odds. A few NBA betting sites are whispering that Haliburton’s got the fifth-best shot at snagging the NBA Most Improved Player of the Year. Tyrese Maxey, Alperen Sengun, among others, are in the mix too. But our boy Haliburton? He’s in the conversation.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a tweet that’s got Pacers fans buzzing. There’s optimism Haliburton will hit the court against the Celtics. After missing so many games, that’s big news.

This season? Haliburton’s been on fire. Averaging career highs with 23.6 points and 12.6 assists per game. Not to mention, 4.1 rebounds, 1.1 steals, and clocking in at 33.4 minutes per game. And his shooting? On point. 49.6% from the floor, 40% beyond the arc, and 86.2% at the foul line. In a game against the New York Knicks, he even set a personal record with 23 assists.

Before this hamstring hiccup, Haliburton was leading the NBA in assists this season. Still tops the charts in assists per game (12.6) and assist percentage (52.1%). His stats are nothing to sneeze at. Sixth in player efficiency rating, second in offensive box plus/minus, fourth in offensive rating, and sixth in value over replacement player.

In a standout game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Haliburton made history. Became the first NBA player to tally 31 points, 12 assists, three blocks, and five 3-pointers with zero turnovers. Talk about setting the bar high.

“The plan is to play tomorrow for me. See how I feel in the morning,” Haliburton shared with reporters. He was a full participant in practice, gearing up for the showdown in Boston.

Despite missing 13 games, Haliburton’s on track to join an elite group. He could become the sixth NBA player to average at least 12 assists per game in a season. The first since John Stockton. That’s legendary company, including Isiah Thomas, Kevin Porter, Magic Johnson, and Kevin Johnson. Stockton, by the way, holds the top-two spots for most assists per game in a season.

The Pacers, sitting at 27-20, have managed three straight wins without Haliburton. They’re sixth in the East. Meanwhile, the Celtics are leading the conference, followed by the Philadelphia 76ers and Knicks. What a season it’s shaping up to be.

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