Torrey Craig of Bulls Sidelined for 8-10 Weeks with Right Plantar Fascia Sprain

Chicago Bulls forward Torrey Craig is expected to be out for eight to ten weeks due to an acute sprain of his right plantar fascia.
‣ Craig’s injury will necessitate a four-week immobilization period, followed by a four to six-week rehabilitation period.
‣ Other players listed on the Bulls’ injury report include All-Star guard Zach LaVine (foot) and veteran guard Lonzo Ball (knee).


Torrey Craig, a forward for the Chicago Bulls, has been sidelined. He’s out for roughly eight to ten weeks. The culprit? An acute sprain of his right plantar fascia. The team made the announcement on Tuesday.

Craig, who’s 33, got injured during the second quarter of Saturday’s game in Miami. He had to sit out Monday’s game in Philadelphia.

On Tuesday, he underwent an MRI at Rush Hospital in Chicago. The results weren’t great. The injury needs a four-week immobilization period. After that, Craig can start rehab, but that’s another four to six weeks.

Let’s talk about the Bulls’ odds this season. According to a few NBA betting sites, they’re not looking too hot. They’re ranked 23rd for the championship win. The New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and Indiana Pacers are looking better.

The Bulls tweeted about Craig’s injury. They confirmed the acute sprain of his right plantar fascia. He’ll be immobilized for about four weeks. Then, he’s looking at four to six weeks of rehab.

Bulls coach Billy Donovan spoke about Craig’s injury. “He just has, like, a lot of discomfort in his heel,” Donovan said. They wanted to get the prognosis right before doing any imaging.

The headline says it all: “Chicago Bulls’ Torrey Craig out at least two months after MRI reveals an acute sprain of his right plantar fascia.”

K.C. Johnson tweeted a quote from Coby White about Craig. He thinks Craig can still be a voice for the team during his rehab. But it’s a significant loss for the team.

The Bulls’ injury report lists other players too. All-Star guard Zach LaVine (foot) and veteran guard Lonzo Ball (knee) are on it. LaVine, who’s 28, might be traded before the season’s deadline on Feb. 8, 2024. Ball, 26, is out for the season.

The Bulls are doing okay, though. They’ve won six of their last nine games. They’re starting a five-game homestand on Wednesday. They’re up against the Los Angeles Lakers and Spurs.

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