Toronto Icon Kyle Lowry Confirms Retirement as a Raptor

‣ Kyle Lowry, one of the best Raptors players of all time, has expressed his intention to retire as a Raptor, despite currently playing for the Heat.
‣ Lowry ranks second only to DeMar DeRozan in all-time games, minutes and points in Raptors history. He leads the franchise in total three-pointers, triple-doubles, assists and steals.
‣ Former Toronto guard CJ Miles has praised Lowry and DeRozan as the ‘most selfless superstars’ he has ever encountered.


Kyle Lowry is a name that resonates with Raptors fans. He’s one of the best to ever do it in Toronto, no doubt. Currently, he’s with the Heat, but he’s got his eyes set on a return to the Raptors before he retires. Retirement? Nah, he’s not even thinking about it yet.

Just last week, Lowry was back in Canada. The media was all over him, as his current team, the South Beach club, was in town for a game. Lowry made his intentions clear. He said, “I’m definitely retiring as a Raptor,” something he’s been saying since he left.

At 37, Lowry has climbed the charts in Toronto. He’s been at the top of nearly every statistical leaderboard during his nine seasons with the Raptors. He’s second only to DeMar DeRozan in all-time games, minutes, and points.

But wait, there’s more. Lowry leads the Raptors in total three-pointers, triple-doubles, assists, and steals. And let’s not forget 2019. That’s when he helped Toronto win their first-ever NBA championship, alongside Kawhi Leonard, who’s now with the Clippers.

There’s no doubt the Raptors would welcome Lowry back with open arms. Even if it’s just for a one-day contract before he officially says goodbye. But don’t get it twisted, Lowry isn’t close to retiring. He’s still got game. “I definitely want to play,” he said.

In other news, ex-Raptors guard CJ Miles had some kind words for Lowry and DeRozan. He called them the ‘most selfless superstars’ he’s ever encountered. Miles spoke about his time in Toronto on the Tidal League’s Run Your Race podcast.

He reminisced about his first season playing alongside the franchise’s most impressive pairings in 2017. Even though the duo was split up in 2018 for a trade for Kawhi Leonard, Miles still treasures those days. He said, “They were selfless… they were for everybody… Kyle was for his guys. If Kyle thought we should have a day off, we got a day off.”

Miles also shared his thoughts on how Lowry and DeRozan handled their stardom. “[DeRozan] was the most quiet superstar I’ve ever been around,” he revealed. “[Him and Lowry] cared about winning, they cared about the game, and they knew that they needed the team to do it.”

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