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‣ Shooting is a critical skill in basketball, providing access to 3-point possessions and spacing, and making a player more dangerous.
‣ Measuring shooting skills is complex and cannot be solely based on a player’s 3-point shooting percentage or free throw percentage due to various factors like variability, context, and pressure.
‣ The Shooting Quality metric, which considers 3-point shooting, free throw shooting, and spacing, is a useful tool to determine the best shooters in basketball. According to this metric, Stephen Curry is currently the best shooter in the NBA.


We’ve talked about this before. Shooting is a fundamental aspect of basketball. It’s your ticket to 3-point possessions and it gives you spacing. Plus, it clears the lane, giving you access to shots in the paint. In short, being good at shooting makes you a force to be reckoned with on the court.

Given the value of this skill, it’s important to figure out which players are the best at shooting. So, who’s the top shooter in the NBA right now?

When it comes to measuring shooting, conventional wisdom suggests looking at a player’s 3-point shooting percentage. On the surface, this makes sense. But, there’s a problem with this approach. 3-point shooting can vary a lot. It can change drastically for individual players from one season to the next.

You might think, why not look at multi-year 3-point data then? The larger the sample size, the better the chance that the data is accurate, right? This is true, but the issue here is that raw 3-point percentage can be largely context-dependent.

What we mean by that is not every 3-point shot is created equal. Some are wide open. Some are heavily contested. Some come in a blowout when no one on defense is really trying. Yes, 3-point percentage is an important statistic. But it by itself shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all for determining the title of best shooter.

The next thought may be to check free throw percentage. After all, no matter what your team context, all free throw shots are pretty much equal. Some may have more pressure associated with them than others. But they are all wide-open 15-foot shots.

That is sound logic. But the problem there is that not all great free throw shooters are great 3-point shooters. For instance, DeMar DeRozan is a career 84% free throw shooter but only a 29.4% 3-point shooter. Do you see where that becomes an issue?

What we need is a statistic that can balance both of those variables to help us determine a player’s shooting. That makes the Shooting Quality metric (available on the invaluable Crafted NBA website) the perfect tool. Shooting Quality looks at 3-point shooting, free throw shooting, and spacing to try and calculate who the best shooters in basketball are.

So, who does the Shooting Quality metric say the best shooter in the NBA is right now?

Best Shooters in the NBA this season by our Shooting Quality metric. Klay may have dipped in most other areas, but the shooting is still legit.

Shocker. The all-time leader in 3-pointers made, Stephen Curry, is the best shooter based on this metric. It looks like Klay Thompson (despite facing a ton of criticism this year) is still pretty good at putting the ball in the net from the perimeter.

A look around at the list, and you will see that the list is made up of two types of players: 1) shooting specialists (like Duncan Robinson and Grayson Allen), and 2) on-ball stars (like Curry, Kevin Durant, and Jamal Murray).

Of course, this metric isn’t an end-all-be-all. But it does give us a much better answer than just leaning on traditional 3-point percentage.

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