Thompson Twins Admit Not Seeing Each Other for Over 3 Months Before Monday Clash

‣ The Thompson twins, Amen and Ausar, faced each other for the first time on a professional basketball court since being drafted to the NBA in 2023, with Amen playing for Houston and Ausar for Detroit.
‣ Both players expressed a desire to improve their performances this season, with Ausar hoping to return to his role during his first games in the NBA, and Amen aiming to avoid further absences.
‣ Despite being on different teams and not living together anymore, the twins keep in touch regularly and support each other’s careers.


The year 2023 was quite the rollercoaster for the Thompson twins. Both were drafted to the NBA during the summer, marking a significant shift in their lives. Until then, they’d always been on the same team. But now, Amen was off to Houston, and Ausar was headed to Detroit.

Their first professional face-off happened this Monday. The Pistons and Rockets clashed in their first match of the year. The twins had family and friends cheering from the stands. They even spent some time together in the gym before the much-anticipated match.

Amen shared his feelings with the press over the weekend. “We were on different teams in the Overtime Elite league, so we’ve played against each other five or six times,” he said. “It’s not uncomfortable, it’s exciting. I haven’t seen him in more than three months. So it’s exciting for us and our family.”

The twins swapped jerseys after their first NBA matchup. Even though they hadn’t seen each other in a while, they kept in touch. “I talk to him, like, every day,” Amen revealed. “FaceTime… because we talk every day, it doesn’t feel that weird, to be honest. It was an adjustment, but I thought it was going to be more.”

Ausar, however, misses his brother. “It’s weird not living with him anymore,” he admitted. With Detroit recently breaking the record for most consecutive losses in a single tournament, Ausar’s playing time has taken a hit.

The Pistons guard has been averaging 6.5 points and 4.4 assists in 20.1 minutes per match. “It’s been hard, losing all the games we’ve lost,” he confessed. “We just have to work our way out of it. Stay positive. We know how we need to play, we just can’t afford to make all the mistakes we have.”

After a recent 129-127 victory against the Raptors, the Detroit squad is hopeful. “We’re taking this as a learning opportunity, that’s all you can do,” Ausar said. “When it’s your time again, just show why you’re here.”

Both Thompson twins are eager to improve their performances this season. Ausar hopes to return to his role during his first games in the NBA, while Amen wishes to avoid further absences.

“When we do get the chance to talk, we really don’t talk about our teams. We just try to catch up on life and stuff. But Ausar is always a positive dude. Very optimistic, trying to work, trying to help his team,” the Pistons guard said. “I think he can be way more than what he’s shown already. I grew up with him, I know him. So I know his work ethic, I know his skill set. He’s got to play a role, but in time I think he can take his game up high.”

As for the main differences between them, Amen feels he’s a bit stronger. “Athletically we’re very similar,” the Rockets rookie said. “Differences? I would say I’m just a little more aggressive getting to the cup.”

Before the match started, both players knew it was an extraordinary moment when they both share the court together. “For sure,” Amen admitted. “That would be funny. I’m sure our bench would start standing up. They’ve already told me, ‘If he’s guarding you, you’re getting the ball.'”

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