Steve Kerr admits Golden State’s 2022 NBA championship was unexpected

‣ The Golden State Warriors‘ 2021/22 championship win was considered a surprise after two years of not making the playoffs.
‣ The addition of key players and the team’s cohesion were key factors in their championship run.
‣ Their fourth championship was regarded as the “most unlikely” out of their four titles due to a different vibe and expectations.


The Golden State Warriors’ recent championship win in the 2021/22 season came as a surprise to many, including Coach Steve Kerr and former General Manager Bob Myers. After two years of missing the playoffs, the team wasn’t considered title contenders. Kerr admitted, “It’s fair to say it was a surprise because we hadn’t made the playoffs the previous two years.” Myers added, “Well, I’d say we didn’t know what we had. The previous two years were tough on us.”

However, the team managed to turn their fortunes around by getting the roster just right. Key additions such as Otto Porter Jr., Gary Payton II, and Nemanja Bjelica played important roles in their success. Additionally, having Klay Thompson back from injury was a major boost for the Warriors. Kerr credited the cohesion and connection within the team, stating, “Our team deserved it. They earned it because they were so connected all year. It was a beautiful season.”

While winning the championship was a remarkable achievement, it also highlighted the challenges of sustaining success. The following season, the Warriors only reached the second round of the playoffs. Kerr acknowledged that sometimes things fall into place during a playoff run, and favorable matchups and good health played a role in their championship win.

According to Kerr, their most recent championship was the most unlikely out of the four titles they’ve won. He attributed this to the presence of Kevin Durant on the team during their previous three trips to the NBA Finals. Kerr explained, “When we had Kevin, it was almost like everyone expected it. Because everyone expected it, it was a relief in many ways.” However, without Durant, the team had a different vibe and the victory was more unexpected.

In summary, the Warriors’ fourth championship in nearly a decade came as a surprise after two years of missing the playoffs. The team’s success was due to the right roster additions, the return of key players, and their strong connection as a team. While winning the championship was a beautiful season, it was also considered the most unlikely out of their four titles due to the absence of Kevin Durant and the different expectations surrounding the team.

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