Steve Kerr Acknowledges Stephen Curry as Sole Reason for Remaining as Warriors’ Coach

‣ Stephen Curry’s influence on basketball is significant, as he has revolutionized the sport and forced coaches to change strategies to stop him.
‣ Steve Kerr credits Curry as the reason he is still coaching the Warriors and expresses deep admiration for him.
‣ Kerr also emphasizes the importance of all the stars on the team working together and mentions the positive impact of former rival Chris Paul.


Stephen Curry’s influence on the basketball game is immeasurable. As the leader of the most successful franchise in the past decade, with four NBA titles under his belt, Curry has revolutionized the sport with his exceptional three-point shooting. His impact is so significant that even his own coach, Steve Kerr, admits that he owes his coaching career to Curry. In a recent interview, Kerr expressed his deep admiration for the superstar, stating, “The ability to coach Steph right from the beginning is the only reason I’m still here… The guy’s incredible.”

But it’s not just Curry’s individual greatness that Kerr values. He also recognizes the importance of the team’s chemistry and the strong bond between players. Kerr welcomed former rival Chris Paul to the team and emphasized the significance of his leadership, stating, “I think he’s the perfect fit for us right now. Frankly, I think we needed leadership.” Kerr believes that the team’s youth last season hindered their success, and Paul’s presence will be instrumental in helping them find their groove.

Curry’s impact extends beyond basketball. Recently, he was honored with the prestigious Charlie Sifford Award by the World Golf Hall of Fame for promoting diversity in golf. Curry expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating, “I’m incredibly honored… and am grateful for the recognition in this sport that I am so passionate about.” He sees this award as an opportunity to further grow the game of golf and provide equitable access to young golfers who share his passion and determination.

Stephen Curry’s influence on both basketball and golf cannot be understated. His unparalleled skill and leadership make him a force to be reckoned with in any sport he chooses to pursue. Coaches like Steve Kerr are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a phenomenal talent, and Curry’s impact goes far beyond the court.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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