Stephen A. Smith: Damian Lillard a Perfect Match for LeBron James, Lakers

– Damian Lillard requested a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers almost three months ago
– Stephen A. Smith believes Lillard’s best chance of winning an NBA title would be with LeBron James and the Lakers
– Smith dismisses the idea of Lillard playing with the Toronto Raptors as a waste of time and not a true title contender.


As NBA training camps begin and the season approaches, the Damian Lillard trade saga continues to linger. Lillard expressed his desire to leave the Portland Trail Blazers almost three months ago, specifically requesting a trade to Miami. However, according to Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, there is a possibility that Lillard could end up wearing the purple and gold jersey of the Los Angeles Lakers. Smith believes Lillard’s best chance of winning his first NBA title would be alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

While a move to the Lakers would be an exciting prospect, it likely wouldn’t happen until a new trade window opens up in December. The Lakers are currently unable to trade players they’ve signed this summer until midseason. Additionally, there is the question of how Lillard’s potential arrival would impact the Lakers’ already reconstructed squad. Smith expressed his willingness to trade players like D’Angelo Russell, Vanderbilt, Hachimura, and Austin Reaves to acquire Lillard, highlighting the star power and talent that Lillard would bring to the team.

On the other hand, Smith strongly dismisses the idea of Lillard playing for the Toronto Raptors, believing it makes no sense for Lillard’s long-term plans. Smith emphasizes that Lillard’s goal is to be in a position where he can compete for a championship, and he sees Toronto as not being a true contender in that regard. Lillard himself has expressed his desire to play with Bam Adebayo in Miami, further indicating his strong preference for South Beach.

The saga surrounding Damian Lillard’s trade request continues to unfold as the NBA season draws near. The Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers are emerging as potential destinations, with the Lakers offering a compelling opportunity for Lillard to compete for a championship alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. While a move to Toronto is dismissed as not aligning with Lillard’s long-term plans, his clear desire to play in Miami remains at the forefront. As we await the resolution of the Lillard trade saga, fans and analysts alike eagerly anticipate where the star point guard will ultimately land.

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