Stephen A. Smith criticizes Sixers’ Daryl Morey over James Harden situation

– Stephen A. Smith criticizes Sixers president Daryl Morey for not addressing James Harden’s transfer saga properly and avoiding confrontation.
– Harden has skipped practice for two consecutive days, citing a personal matter as the reason.
– Harden’s trade-demand status and readiness to play in the preseason finale against the Atlanta Hawks remain uncertain.


Stephen A. Smith has been vocal about his criticism of Daryl Morey, president of the Philadelphia 76ers, for not addressing James Harden’s transfer saga. During an episode of First Take, Smith accused Morey of avoiding confrontation and siding too much with his star players. The tension between the two originated over the summer when Harden publicly accused Morey of lying and not fulfilling his promises. Despite Harden’s unprofessional behavior in the past, Smith chose to support him this time.

Smith believes that the failure to address this issue properly has caused distractions within the Sixers camp. He drew a parallel between this situation and Morey’s unexpected departure from the Houston Rockets years ago, suggesting that it led to Harden’s desire to leave as well. Smith claimed that Morey catered excessively to star players and left a negative impression on the rest of the team.

Harden’s absence from practice for two consecutive days due to a personal matter has added more fuel to the ongoing drama. The team officials stated that Harden had a legitimate reason for his absence, but his extended trade-demand status and evasiveness have raised concerns. Despite initially expressing his readiness to play in the preseason finale, it now appears unlikely that Harden will take the court.

The head coach of the 76ers, Nick Nurse, acknowledged the ongoing situation but emphasized the need to focus on the players who are present and ready to work. The team is taking a day-by-day approach to handle the situation and will adjust accordingly if needed.

The animosity between Harden and Morey, coupled with Harden’s absence from key team activities, is undoubtedly a distraction for the Philadelphia 76ers as they prepare for the upcoming season. The unresolved drama raises questions about the team’s chemistry and the impact it could have on their performance.

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