Steph Curry Tops Best-Selling NBA Jerseys Midway Through 2023/24 Season

– ‣ Stephen Curry maintains his position at the top of the NBA’s most popular jersey sales in the first half of the season, continuing his popularity from the previous year.
– ‣ The Los Angeles Lakers lead in team merchandise sales, highlighting their enduring brand strength and global fanbase.
– ‣ Newcomers like Victor Wembanyama and Tyrese Maxey have made significant impacts on jersey sales, indicating a rising interest in emerging talents within the league.


So, here’s the scoop, just like the buzz at the beginning of last season. The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association dropped a bit of news. Stephen Curry? Yeah, he’s got the top-selling jersey again for the first half of the campaign. Despite rocking the charts last year, he eventually handed the crown over to LeBron James by the season’s end.

The Los Angeles Lakers, oh, they clinched the top spot again on the top-team merchandise list. That’s according to the sales on And guess what? Boston’s Jayson Tatum, he’s shot up to second place for top-sold jerseys. That’s a personal best for him on the Most Popular Jersey list.

Wanna hear something cool? Check out the complete ranking in the post below. There are some surprises in there, like Victor Wembanyama, Tyrese Maxey, and De’Aaron Fox. The league made its official announcement, as they usually do, twice per season.

Here’s the tweet that’s got everyone talking:

“NBA Curry, Tatum, LeBron lead NBA in jersey sales; Lakers, Celtics top in team merchandise.”

And here’s the list of the top 15 stars everyone’s buzzing about: Stephen Curry, Jayson Tatum, LeBron James… and the list goes on down to De’Aaron Fox at number fifteen.

Besides Tatum’s impressive leap, there’s chatter about the No. 1 pick from last year’s draft. Yep, Wemby’s already ranking high up the list, snagging the fourth most-sold jersey midway through the campaign. The San Antonio big man’s ranking is the highest for any rookie since Kristaps Porzingis made waves back in the 2015/16 season.

The Spurs, thanks to the French sensation, finally cracked the top 10 in Team Merchandise sales. It’s been six years, folks. And those other two newcomers? They’re definitely deserving of the spotlight. Tyrese Maxey, that Sixers youngster, has become a fan favorite, now with the ninth most-sold jersey.

De’Aaron Fox? He’s the other star making his debut on this list, completing the 15-player roundup. The Lakers, still the strongest brand in the NBA, continue to dominate the league’s merchandise standings. No surprise there, as they’ve been leading the NBA globally for decades.

While the San Antonio club made a comeback to the list, the Boston franchise also returned, securing the second spot behind the Los Angeles leaders.

With these new reports from, it’s clear. The Lakers, Celtics, and Warriors are dominating the league’s market sales. And the Chicago franchise? They’re holding their own on these lists, not for their current performance, but for their historic titles.

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