Steph Curry Misses Klay, Desperately Wanted Him Back

Stephen Curry, while focused on Team USA’s training camp, shared his thoughts with the media about NBA dynasties.

Challenges of Building Dynasties:

In a chat with Malika Andrews, Curry emphasized how tough it is to create long-lasting dynasties in the league. He said, “I mean obviously defining a dynasty can take a lot of different looks.” Reflecting on their journey, he mentioned that many thought their run ended in 2019 but winning in 2022 proved them wrong. “That’s 11 years of almost 12 years of championship relevancy built around a certain core,” he added.

“Not having Klay still hasn’t really sunk in… We’ve been doing it for 13 years together… I have this idea that in October [he’ll come back]… I know that’s not happening.”

Changes in the NBA:

Curry pointed out how much the league has changed. “A lot more player movement,” he noted. He talked about how well he, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green complemented each other for so long. “Records are meant to be broken,” he mused. “Dynasties come all different shapes inside of us.”

Fans truly miss seeing these three play together.

When asked about playing without Thompson next season, Curry simply said it “sucks.” He desperately wanted Klay back in Golden State but understood his need for a fresh start and respect elsewhere.

Klay’s Departure:

Steph acknowledged that Klay needed to find joy again in basketball and respected his decision to move to Dallas. “We want him to be happy,” Curry admitted about their partnership since 2012. He expressed sadness over not finishing out together but wished Klay the best.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr described it as “bizarre” not having Thompson around next season. The entire organization is adjusting to this new reality after failing to re-sign him and watching him join the Mavericks instead.

“This has become a family over the years… So Klay leaves, it’s like, yeah, it’s bizarre for us,” Kerr shared. However, he emphasized everyone must follow their heart and do what feels right for them.

Despite needing changes after their last championship win in 2022, Curry will miss seeing Thompson by his side every game night after more than ten years together. “We would’ve loved to maintain the core and finish out together,” Steph reiterated at Team USA’s training camp but recognized they must celebrate past achievements and move forward

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