Sons of NBA Legends Excel in High School Basketball: Following Their Footsteps

‣ The children of NBA legends are generating a lot of expectation and pressure as they try to live up to their famous last names.
‣ Many of these second-generation athletes are receiving guidance and support from their fathers who have already experienced success in the NBA.
‣ Players like Justin Pippen, Kiyan Anthony, and the Boozer twins are working hard to make it to the NBA and are grateful for the mentorship and resources provided by their fathers.


In the world of modern basketball, we’ve witnessed the rise of many sons of NBA legends, showcasing their growth and potential. While names like Shareef O’Neal and Jeffrey Jordan have made an impact, none have garnered as much expectation as Bronny James, who has recently begun his college career.

Joining Bronny are a wave of young prospects determined to prove their worth and follow in their fathers’ footsteps. Kiyan Anthony, son of Carmelo Anthony, and twins Cameron and Cayden Boozer, sons of Carlos Boozer, are just a few of these promising players. Bryce James, the son of LeBron James, is also making strides in the basketball world.

Justin Pippen, the youngest son of Scottie Pippen, recognizes the blueprint set by these NBA legends. “We’re following in their footsteps and just trying to get to the league,” Justin stated. He recently performed exceptionally well for Sierra Canyon, dropping 24 points in a win.

Scotty Pippen Jr., Justin’s older brother, is a testament to the influence of their father. After playing high school basketball at Sierra Canyon and committing to college, Scotty went undrafted in 2022. Despite signing a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, he was recently waived. Justin credits his brother for increasing his work ethic and emphasizes the importance of putting in the work every single day.

Kiyan Anthony recalls attending the same USA Basketball minicamp as his father, Carmelo, back in 2001. He describes it as a full-circle moment and a blessing to have the opportunity to represent the USA in the upcoming 17-under FIBA World Cup. Kiyan recognizes the historical significance and feels fortunate to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Cameron and Cayden Boozer also highlight the guidance they receive from their father, Carlos. Cameron, considered one of the best athletes in high school basketball, has been placed alongside Cooper Flagg, the top player in the 2024 class. NBA scouts are already anticipating their arrival in the NBA drafts of 2025 and 2026. The Boozer twins acknowledge the changing game and express gratitude for their father’s support, training, and understanding of the game.

These second-generation athletes have inherited the skills and resources necessary to make their own mark in the NBA. With hard work, dedication, and the guidance of their NBA legend fathers, they have the potential to succeed and create their own legacies in basketball.

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James Shotwell
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