Slovenia vs Greece: Battle for 2024 Olympic Spot

The 2024 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments are heating up with thrilling matches and unexpected twists.

Slovenia vs. Greece: A Clash of Titans

One of the most exciting games coming up is between Slovenia and Greece, featuring two NBA stars, Luka Doncic and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Both teams are eager to secure their spot in Paris for the Olympics.

Luka, who currently leads the NBA in scoring, knows it’s going to be a tough match against Giannis. "Giannis is difficult to stop. We are not the favorites, but we have to believe until the end," Luka said about their upcoming game on Saturday.

Other Semifinals: Croatia vs. Dominican Republic

In another semifinal clash, Croatia will face off against the Dominican Republic. Croatia previously defeated Slovenia in group stages while Greece managed a win over the Dominican team thanks to an outstanding performance by Giannis.

"Giannis loves representing his country," said Greek coach Vassilis Spanoulis after Giannis scored 32 points in just 19 minutes, making all his shots from the field. "He’s very humble and focused on winning."

Fans can’t wait for these intense matches!

Greece’s Strategy and Strengths

As they prepare for their semifinal against Slovenia on Saturday at 16:30 CET, Coach Spanoulis highlighted what makes his team strong beyond Giannis’ leadership.

"This shows our identity," he said but also noted areas needing improvement like defense during certain quarters. "We must be more solid in some parts of the game."

Respect Between Stars

Spanoulis spoke highly of Luka Doncic too, whom he has known since Luka admired him as a young player in Europe. "Our relationship is one of huge respect," he said about Luka.

However, Spanoulis holds similar admiration for Giannis as well, seeing him as more than just a basketball star but also a role model for society. "I’m very happy that we have someone like Giannis who’s not only a great player but also an excellent person," he added.

Game Plan Against Slovenia

Despite his admiration for both players, Spanoulis knows stopping Slovenia will be challenging but believes Greece has what it takes defensively with strong on-ball defenders and good team coordination.

"We need to cover every mistake on defense and make sure our rotations are perfect," he explained.

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