Sasha Vezenkov Finds NBA Faster Than EuroLeague After 14 Games with Kings

‣ The 2023 EuroLeague MVP Sasha Vezenkov, who made his NBA debut with Sacramento last month, has already appeared in 14 matches this season and recorded a career-high 13-point display in his last match.
‣ Vezenkov has noted the differences between European basketball and the NBA, stating that the sport in the U.S. is faster and the players are more talented.
‣ Vezenkov’s coach, Mike Brown, has stated that Vezenkov needs to improve defensively to have a real impact in Sacramento and get more minutes on the court.


Sasha Vezenkov, the 2023 EuroLeague MVP, has made his NBA debut. He’s been with Sacramento for a month now and has already played in 14 matches this season. His most recent game was a personal best, scoring 13 points in the Kings’ 131-117 loss to the Clippers.

When asked about the differences between European basketball and the NBA, Vezenkov didn’t hold back. He said the game in the States is not just faster, but the players are generally more talented.

“Every All-Star can score 40-50 points in each game,” he pointed out. He compared the transition to going from the EuroCup to the EuroLeague or from the EuroLeague to the NBA.

Adjusting to the NBA isn’t easy, he admitted. “It’s hard to adjust, create your comfort zone, learn how the game is played and earn everyone’s trust,” he said. But he’s confident that he’ll find his footing. “With my work, my character and my desire to win and help the team, I’m sure everything will be fine,” he added.

In his latest game, Vezenkov surpassed his previous record of 11 points. He scored 3 of 5 from range, tying his personal record against Cleveland a few weeks back. He also bagged 5 rebounds in 24 minutes of play, the most in his NBA career so far.

The Clippers’ match was a tough one. The L.A. squad led by 22 points at halftime, and despite DeAaron Fox’s 40 points, Sacramento couldn’t mount a comeback. The Clippers dominated with Kawhi Leonard’s 34 points and James Harden’s 26, plus a combined 13 assists between them.

Vezenkov was candid about the match. “It was obvious that we were emotionally empty after the comeback game yesterday,” he told the press. “The Clippers played an amazing game. We weren’t physical and let them shoot 50% from 3. We lacked the energy and struggled offensively in the first half. We got to be better in back-to-back games.”

He also admitted that his latest opponents are “a super talented team,” and they stood no chance in the first half. “They have three All-Stars. I know they struggled at the beginning, but you can’t build a team, even in a year or two. The issue is how fast they can become a really good team. They’ll find their way because they have the assets. They showed that they can play well, and then it’s about their consistency and chemistry throughout the whole season,” Sasha assured.

His coach, Mike Brown, knows that Vezenkov needs to improve defensively to have a real impact in Sacramento. Since the start of the campaign, Brown has stated that Vezenkov needs to up his defensive game to get more minutes on the court.

Vezenkov is well aware of this. “I ‘m trying to study the game and the players. I’ll never be a lockdown defender, let’s be honest,” he said. But he’s determined to be solid, help the team, and not get exposed. “I’m improving with every game,” he concluded.

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