San Antonio’s Victor Wembanyama: Ready to Play as Point Guard

– Victor Wembanyama, the No. 1 Draft pick, is expected to exhibit his unique set of skills in the upcoming season, with fans and experts speculating about his position on the court.
– Wembanyama is prepared to play in whatever position the Spurs require him to perform, including as a point guard or wing.
– The coaching staff is preparing Wembanyama to be able to play in almost any position on the court, showcasing his versatility.


Victor Wembanyama, the highly anticipated No. 1 Draft pick, has been the center of attention this preseason. Fans and experts are excited to see how the French sensation will showcase his unique skills. While he is primarily considered a center, Wembanyama has the ability to handle the ball as a point guard and shoot from long range. In a recent interview, he expressed his willingness to play wherever the Spurs need him.

During a practice session, Wembanyama had an experience that he considered an honor. Legendary coach Gregg Popovich yelled at him, a moment he had been waiting for. Popovich will ultimately decide where and how the 19-year-old will play this season. Wembanyama is determined to prove that his versatility knows no bounds.

The young star acknowledges the challenges of learning new set plays and principles. He recognizes that his focus on the court is crucial, as one moment of distraction can have consequences for the next 15 seconds. Wembanyama is already demonstrating his importance during training camp, taking on significant responsibilities.

With his freakish versatility, Wembanyama is under immense pressure. He compares it to the responsibility that comes with great power, like a superhero in a movie. He understands that he may have to play different roles on the court, sometimes emulating point guard Tre Jones, center Zach Collins, or guard-forward Devin Vassell.

According to veteran player Doug McDermott, the team is still in the process of experimenting with lineup positions. For now, the focus is on learning to play together. McDermott highlights the team’s interchangeable players, such as Jeremy Sochan, who can play a point-forward role, and Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell, who excel as scorers. The team is working on being adaptable and unpredictable on the floor.

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming season, all eyes will be on Wembanyama as he strives to live up to the high expectations placed upon him.

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