Rui Hachimura: Dillon Brooks Desperate for LeBron James Fame

– LeBron James had an impressive display in the Lakers’ victory over the Rockets, despite dealing with injuries
– The rivalry between James and Houston guard Dillon Brooks has intensified, leading to competitive clashes on the court
– Teammate Austin Reaves praised LeBron’s positive energy and attitude, highlighting it as a key factor in his dominance in the league


The Lakers narrowly defeated the Rockets in a game that showcased LeBron James’ impressive skills. Despite being targeted by Dillon Brooks, James remained competitive and focused throughout the game. Rui Hachimura downplayed the rivalry between James and Brooks, stating that James needs the motivation and views Brooks as simply trying to become part of his legacy.

The tension between Brooks and James was evident in their intense clashes during the game. James even received a technical foul for shoving Brooks, but after the game, he acknowledged Brooks’ impressive performance and competitive spirit. Teammate Austin Reaves praised LeBron’s positive attitude and energy, emphasizing how it contributes to his success in the league.

Despite his standout performance with 37 points against the Rockets, LeBron admitted to struggling with injuries and feeling unwell. However, he credited the competition with motivating him to continue playing at a high level, emphasizing his determination to push his limits and defy the constraints of age. This victory was both impressive and bittersweet for the veteran player.

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