Ricky Rubio Retires from NBA after 12 Years, Cites Mental Health Reasons

‣ Ricky Rubio has announced his retirement from professional basketball, following a contract buyout with the Cavaliers and months of speculation about his mental health and physical condition.
‣ Rubio, who has been away from the court due to a torn knee ligament and a traumatic incident last summer, stated that he is “doing much better” but his NBA journey has come to an end.
‣ The Spanish player has been considering a return to his home in Barcelona to be closer to his family, stating that when his son starts school, the NBA will not be worth it anymore.


Well, it’s finally happened. Ricky Rubio, the pro basketball player we’ve all been watching, has decided to hang up his sneakers. There’s been talk for a while now about his mental health and physical condition, and it seems he’s made his decision. He announced it himself on social media, right after word got out about his contract buyout with the Cavaliers.

Rubio, the 33-year-old who’s been a part of the NBA for a good chunk of his life, needed to take a break after a pretty traumatic event this past summer. He’s been in the game for 12 years, and he decided to call it quits this Thursday. Ever since that weird incident in July, he’s been saying he needs time to heal.

The Cleveland franchise agreed to buy out Rubio’s $6.1 million contract this week. Ricky’s been saying he’s “doing much better and getting better every day,” but it looks like his NBA journey is over.

Now, another reason why Rubio’s been MIA from the basketball courts is his torn knee ligament. He spent almost two seasons recovering from that. Last season, he could only play in 33 games.

In a recent post, Rubio explained why he didn’t show up to training camp in October. He said, “July 30th was one of the toughest nights of my life.” He’s promised to share his full experience when he’s ready, hoping to support others going through similar situations. But for now, he wants to keep it private for his and his family’s sake.

Rubio made sure to thank all his teams, but he gave a special shoutout to the Cavaliers organization. He mentioned team president Koby Altman and head coach J.B. Bickerstaff, calling them “extremely respectful and understanding” of his situation.

For a while now, Rubio’s been talking about heading back to Spain to be near his family. In an interview with the “La Sontana” podcast, he admitted that he was considering a return to his home in Barcelona. He said, “I’m beginning to consider my return. Going home. To Barcelona. Close to home.” He mentioned his contract, saying, “I have two years left on my contract. Maybe one. We’ll see.” He made it clear that his family was his top priority.

“When my son starts going to school, NBA will not be worth it anymore. I’ll have to go back,” Ricky explained. He doesn’t want his career to interfere with his son’s life. He’s discussed it with his wife, and they’re on the same page.

Rubio’s been playing basketball since he was a teenager. He first entered the NBA in 2009, when the Minnesota Timberwolves drafted him. He stayed with them for seven seasons. Now, it seems, it’s time for a new chapter.

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