Renowned Attorney Discusses Josh Giddey’s Legal Situation Following Minor Controversy

‣ Josh Giddey, an NBA player, won’t be facing any charges after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor, as the alleged minor refused to be interviewed by detectives to protect her privacy.
‣ The minor reportedly lied about her age to gain access to a nightclub and interacted with Giddey. The situation was thought to have been dealt with until Giddey was informed that photos and videos of them together might be leaked online.
‣ The Newport Beach Police completed their investigation into the allegations against Giddey and were unable to corroborate any criminal activity related to him.


Josh Giddey, a player who found himself in hot water two months ago, is off the hook. The police announced on Wednesday that he won’t be facing any charges over accusations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

The minor’s attorney is none other than Gloria Allred, a celebrity lawyer known for her high-profile cases. She’s represented women in cases involving big names like OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, and R. Kelly. This time, she’s speaking out for the teenager who has chosen to remain silent to protect her privacy.

Allred wasn’t surprised that the investigation was dropped. She said, “It does not surprise me that law enforcement would close their investigation since our client is a minor and her parents have chosen not to speak to law enforcement to protect their privacy.”

A report from Code Sport last month gave us a glimpse into what happened that night. The minor allegedly lied about her age to get into a nightclub. There, she interacted with Giddey, which was confirmed through social media videos.

The report also revealed that it was a one-night encounter. It ended the next day when Giddey found out she was still in high school. Everyone thought the situation was resolved until Giddey found out that photos and videos of them together might leak online.

When the police first announced the investigation, Giddey was asked about the situation. He declined to comment, saying, “I understand the question, obviously. No further comment right now. I get the question guys, I completely understand you guys want to know about it but just for right now, I don’t have anything to say.”

The Newport Beach Police released a statement explaining why they ended the investigation. They said they couldn’t find any criminal activity involving Giddey after several investigations.

NBA insider Kevin O’Connor suggested that the best move for the Thunder would be to trade Giddey to another NBA franchise. He said, “Giddey is the trade piece. Simple as that. They have to trade Giddey for a big. They need a big next to Chet Holmgren in the front court. I like Giddey a lot. It’s nothing against him individually as a player. It’s about the greater good of the team and probably the greater good for the team too. It’s not a great fit for him.”

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