Re-signing OG Anunoby Impact on Knicks

A day after trading for Mikal Bridges, the New York Knicks made headlines by re-signing OG Anunoby to a record-breaking deal.

The Knicks’ decision to bring back Anunoby is significant for several reasons.

Here are three key points about this major move by the Knicks :

Anunoby chose not to explore free agency just days before he was set to become an unrestricted free agent. Instead, he committed to the Knicks with a five-year, $212.5M contract. Despite potentially receiving multiple max offers elsewhere, he believed in the Knicks’ vision and decided to stay.

Why Anunoby Stayed:

Anunoby’s choice shows how much he values being part of the Knicks’ future plans. Even though he could have earned more money as a free agent, his commitment signals that New York is becoming an attractive destination again.

Fans might think this loyalty is refreshing in today’s sports world where players often chase bigger contracts.

The Impact of Pairing Anunoby with Bridges:

While Jalen Brunson remains the star player leading the team, having both Anunoby and Bridges adds crucial depth. Neither may be scoring leaders every night; however, their defensive prowess makes them invaluable assets. Bridges averaged 21 points per game with Brooklyn Nets while Anunoby managed 14.1 points in his brief stint with the Knicks last season.

Adding Josh Hart off the bench strengthens their defense even more, making them formidable opponents against teams like Boston Celtics.

Championship Hopes Soar:

Locking down Anunoby has significantly boosted the team’s championship odds. With key players all under 30 years old—including Brunson (27), Robinson (26), Randle (29)—the future looks bright for New York fans hoping for another title run.

According to BetMGM odds:
– Celtics: +300
– Knicks: +725

What do you think? Are you excited about these changes?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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