Raptors Star Dennis Schroder Regrets Not Extending Lakers Contract

‣ Dennis Schroder confirmed that he rejected a $84 million contract extension from the Lakers in the 2020/21 NBA season based on his then-manager’s advice.
‣ Schroder expressed disappointment over his decision to reject the offer, stating he would never intentionally leave money on the table.
‣ Despite starting off the bench in recent Raptors’ games, Schroder maintains a positive attitude, emphasizing his commitment to winning and contributing to the team in any way possible.


The 2020/21 NBA season was a whirlwind. Rumors swirled around the Lakers, particularly about Dennis Schroder rejecting a hefty $84 million contract extension. Turns out, the rumors were true.

Schroder, the German player, recently opened up about this in an interview. He faced heavy criticism for his decision back then. But he had his reasons.

“Those two years,” Schroder began, a hint of disappointment in his voice. He recalled his then-manager’s advice to turn down the lucrative offer. “And I would have signed it,” the guard confessed. He’s not one to leave money on the table. “My mom didn’t raise me that way.”

The point guard didn’t hide his unhappiness when he looked back on those times. But he did appreciate those who stuck by him.

A tweet from NBACentral quoted Schroder: “I would have signed it. I would never just leave money on the table. My mom didn’t raise me that way.”

Schroder reflected on his career. “It was like my two worst years of my career, and in those two years I made $8 million. I had two healthy kids, my mom, my siblings. I can buy anything I want. I had a $70 million contract before. A guy from Germany? From Braunschweig? I’m more than blessed. I’m with the people who love me and was there through the darkest days,” he said.

Over the summer, Schroder signed with Toronto. He’s been averaging 14.6 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 6.8 assists. The press keeps bringing up his time in Los Angeles, especially when the Raptors played the purple and gold recently. Schroder scored 10 points against his former teammates that Tuesday evening.

Before the game, Schroder admitted he was still finding his footing with the Canadian franchise. “I always found my way … whatever it takes for this organization to win, I’ll do it. He knows that, that I want to win every single night, that’s the best feeling ever. Just keep going, every single chance I get on the court to do the right things,” he stated.

However, reports suggest Schroder isn’t thrilled about starting off the bench in recent Raptors’ games.

Back in December, the Toronto squad hit a losing streak. Schroder’s role started to shift, and he was coming into games from the bench. NBA insider Michael Grande revealed that Schroder joined the Raptors to lead his own squad.

“Schroeder wasn’t exactly happy with the decision to bring him off the bench prior to the trade, according to sources. One of the reasons he signed with the Raptors in free agency this past summer was the prospect of having his own team to run after coming off the bench for the Los Angeles Lakers last season and the Boston Celtics the season before that,” Grande reported.

Schroder’s coach, Darko Rajakovic, acknowledged Schroder’s elite mentality. “Dennis brings a lot of energy to everything that we do. He’s trying to play the right way on the offensive end, he’s very disruptive [defensively] … his mentality and his force is something that really rubs off on our guys very well,” he told the press.

The current FIBA World Cup MVP, Schroder, said he’s happy to contribute to the team in any way possible. “At the end of the day, it’s whatever it takes to win the basketball game,” Schroder said. “For me, to be there, end of games, to impact winning whenever I’m on the floor, it’s the most important.”

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