Raptors Coach Darko Rajakovic Criticizes Officials Favoring Lakers, Calls it a League Shame

‣ Raptors’ coach Darko Rajakovic expressed immense frustration with the officiating during their game against the Lakers, particularly the free throw discrepancy in the last quarter where the Lakers were given 23.
‣ Rajakovic criticized the treatment of players, arguing that his team also has star athletes who were not awarded the same number of free throws. He specifically mentioned Scottie Barnes, who was only awarded two free throws despite aggressive defending from the Lakers.
‣ Despite potential for a significant fine by the NBA, Rajakovic’s rant increased respect from his players, who viewed it as a commitment to the club.


The Raptors faced a crushing defeat against the Lakers on Tuesday night, losing by a mere one point. The loss didn’t sit well with Raptors’ coach, Darko Rajakovic, who took the opportunity to voice his immense frustration with the game’s officiating.

Rajakovic, a first-year coach for the Toronto team, was particularly incensed by the free throw discrepancy. He couldn’t believe that in the final quarter, the Lakers had been given a whopping 23 free throws.

What really got under Rajakovic’s skin was Anthony Davis’ performance. Davis had an 11-11 record from the free-throw line in the fourth quarter alone. This, added to his 41-point tally, was enough to make the Raptors’ coach see red.

Incredibly, the Lakers’ center had more shots from the line than the entire Raptors team. Rajakovic called this “outrageous.” He didn’t mince his words when expressing his feelings about the game, calling it “B.S.” and a “shame.”

Rajakovic’s rant didn’t stop there. He was adamant that the Raptors also have star players on their team. He pointed out the disparity in the treatment of players, using Scottie Barnes as an example. Despite the Lakers’ aggressive defending, Barnes was only awarded two free throws.

The Serbian trainer’s frustration was palpable as he questioned the fairness of the game. He ended his rant by insinuating that the Los Angeles club enjoys preferential treatment from officials. He even suggested that if the officials want the Lakers to win, they should let his team know in advance so they don’t bother showing up.

Rajakovic’s passionate defense of his team might land him a hefty fine from the NBA. But it’s clear that his players respect him all the more for it. They see his rant as a sign of his deep commitment to the club.

Thaddeus Young, one of the Raptors’ players, expressed his admiration for Rajakovic. He appreciated the coach’s unwavering support and commitment to the team. On the other hand, the Lakers were pleased with their second consecutive victory.

Davis, the star of the game, was quick to share the credit with his teammates. He praised the team’s efforts and said it was a group victory. Despite the controversy, the Lakers were happy to secure their win, thanks to Davis’ performance in the final quarter.

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