Quentin Grimes, Knicks Guard, Commits to Professionalism Amid Trade Rumors

‣ Quentin Grimes is surrounded by trade rumors as the February deadline approaches, but remains calm and focused on contributing to the New York Knicks.

‣ Despite losing his starting role, Grimes has shown significant defensive prowess in recent games and is committed to proving his worth on the court amidst speculation.

‣ Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau emphasizes the importance of ignoring trade rumors and focusing on basketball, highlighting that most trade talks do not materialize and the priority should be on playing well and maintaining routine.


Oh boy, the NBA trade deadline’s just around the corner, and the rumor mill? It’s working overtime. Quentin Grimes, currently with the Knicks, might just find himself packing his bags if the whispers hold any truth. The idea is to dangle him as bait, aiming for a bigger catch. Yet, Grimes remains the picture of calm amidst the storm of gossip.

Now, let’s talk about Julius Randle. His recent shoulder injury could throw a wrench in the works. If the prognosis is grim, the Knicks might sideline Grimes. Why? Strategy, my friends.

The Knicks, with a 29-17 record, are eyeing the playoffs from a pretty decent spot. They’re fourth in the Eastern Conference. But to go all the way, they know they need to beef up their squad. And Quentin? He’s looking like the most likely to be traded.

Here’s a tweet that caught my eye: “Quentin Grimes’ Defense in the last 3 games: – Forced BKN Players to shoot 1/8 FG + 3 TOV – Forced DEN Players to shoot 1/5 FG + 2 TOV – Forced MIA Players to shoot 3/9 FG + 2 TOV. Dominant.” This guy’s on fire defensively, no doubt.

Despite the swirling rumors, Grimes is all in with his team. With five games left before the deadline, he’s determined to show his worth. “Trade rumors? Been there since my rookie year,” he says. His focus? Just playing his heart out, helping the team win.

Oh, and remember when Donte DiVincenzo snagged his starting spot last December? Didn’t faze Grimes. He’s been a defensive powerhouse every chance he gets. And his offense isn’t lagging either. Hitting double figures in his last two games, he’s shooting at 58%.

Coach Tom Thibodeau has his own take on the trade rumors. He believes they’re mostly hot air. His advice? Keep playing your best. “For every 100 trades talked about, one gets done,” he says. So, the focus remains on the game, not the gossip.

Thibodeau knows the drill. The hype, the speculation—it’s all part of the game’s popularity. But at the end of the day, it’s about what the team believes, not the chatter outside. “Let basketball be your focus,” he insists. And honestly? That’s solid advice, not just for basketball, but for life.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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