Portland Open to Using Robert Williams III, Malcolm Brogdon as Trade Bait

‣ The Portland Trail Blazers are considering making significant roster changes ahead of February’s trade deadline, with players Robert Williams III and Malcom Brogdon potentially being used as trade bait.
‣ NBA insider Chris Haynes has revealed that the Trail Blazers are open to trading options within their current roster, with teams showing interest in injured player Robert Williams.
‣ Despite injury concerns, Malcom Brogdon is seen as a valuable player and is expected to be moved before the trade deadline, with teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers reportedly interested.


The Trail Blazers are in a bit of a pickle. Their season isn’t going as planned, and they’re seriously considering some big roster moves before the February trade deadline. Most reports suggest that Jerami Grant is likely to be traded, but there’s been some new intel. Sources hint that they might use Robert Williams III and Malcolm Brogdon as bait.

Chris Haynes, an NBA insider, spilled the beans on his podcast. He said that the Portland organization is pretty much throwing open the doors, looking for trade options within their current roster. He also gave some insight into what they might get out of these potential deals.

Here’s the scoop. Some teams are considering making a move for Robert Williams. Now, Williams is out for the season, but that doesn’t seem to deter them. They think they can get him on the cheap, let him recover and rehab, and hopefully, he’ll return to his former glory with the Boston Celtics.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Williams. He’s only played in six matches for the Blazers this season before tearing a ligament in his knee. The 26-year-old was part of the Jrue Holiday trade, but it looks like he might be heading out of Oregon soon.

Haynes was pretty clear about the Blazers’ intentions. “The Blazers will be very open. That’s not up for debate. If they get the right deal in place, they will be open. … Robert Williams is definitely available,” he said.

Meanwhile, reporter Sean Highkin says that Jerami Grant doesn’t want to leave Portland, and the team agrees. However, Brogdon seems to be the second-best option to use as trade bait. He won 6th Man of the Year last season, which gives him some clout, but his injury concerns make him a risky bet for some teams.

As the trade deadline looms, Brogdon’s role is expected to change. Portland seems happy to keep him, but other teams might be willing to negotiate. They’re looking to build the team around Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons.

At least five teams are trying to deal for Brogdon, including the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers. On Monday night, the Lakers beat the Oregon franchise by a 24-point margin, with Brogdon playing for the losing team. Despite the loss, he said his team showed a positive spirit. He also admitted that he’s motivated to be back in the starting lineup.

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