Poll Shows 59% British Columbians Support NBA Franchise in Vancouver

‣ There is growing interest in Vancouver, Canada for a new NBA franchise, with a recent poll indicating that nearly three in five residents believe it would be a popular idea.
‣ NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has previously mentioned Vancouver as a potential candidate for expansion, and the idea has been gaining traction.
‣ There is also hope in Vancouver to add a WNBA team to attract more women to the sport, which could serve as an inspiration for young basketball players in the city.


Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, has been hinting at potential expansions in the NBA. As a result, cities like Las Vegas and Seattle have emerged as potential candidates for a new franchise. Vancouver, Canada, is also joining this list.

A recent poll suggests that the majority of British Columbians would welcome an NBA team in their capital city. Roughly three out of five residents are in favor of the idea. Only a small percentage, about 6%, oppose it.

Interestingly, nearly a quarter of Vancouver residents express a desire to attend the games. Research Co. president Mario Canseco interprets these results as a strong appetite for NBA basketball. He believes this appetite is even larger than when Vancouver had a franchise over two decades ago.

Canseco told CBC News, “It’s pretty high … and I think it has a lot to do with how the NBA has expanded itself.” He believes the NBA’s global reach has increased dramatically, partly due to successful connections outside the United States. Now, players hail from all over the world.

Silver first mentioned Vancouver as a potential candidate in November. Montreal was also mentioned as another possible Canadian destination. The idea has been gaining traction ever since.

Vancouver lost the Grizzlies franchise to Memphis in 2001, after only six seasons. The team’s poor performance was a significant factor. Demi Harris, a fan who grew up playing basketball and cheering for the city club, said, “They were pretty bad at the time, but it was pretty sad to see them go.”

Harris now coaches and mentors young players in British Columbia. He believes everyone wants to see an NBA team in Vancouver. He said, “Not just for the team that we would have, but to see all the other teams come here. It would just be perfect.”

Basketball is booming among Vancouver’s youth, according to Harris. He believes that players’ love for the game is more important than the level at which they play.

Vancouver’s hope extends beyond reclaiming their NBA franchise. They also hope to add a WNBA contender to attract more women to the sport. Harris’s young daughter plays basketball, and she would love to see a WNBA team in the city. Harris believes that having local basketball stars would be a huge inspiration for the city’s youth.

Four years ago, Commissioner Silver expressed his desire for a franchise in the Canadian city. However, Canseco admits that making this dream a reality isn’t as simple as it seems. He said, “It’s one thing for the NBA to say we want to expand. But unless somebody raises their hand and says, ‘I’ve got a couple of billion [dollars] to spare,’ we’re not going to see this happening.”

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