Pistons Join Exclusive Club with 16 Straight Losses, Going Winless in a Month

‣ The Detroit Pistons have lost their 16th consecutive game, becoming the first team since the Philadelphia 76ers in 2015 to go winless for an entire month during an NBA season.
‣ Despite the losing streak, Coach Monty Williams expressed pride in his team’s fight and resiliency, viewing the recent game as a potential turning point to build upon.
‣ Williams made significant changes to the starting lineup in an attempt to improve the team’s performance, and the players affected by these changes have expressed their commitment to maintaining a positive mindset and intensity.


Well, it’s been a long eight years since we last saw a team go an entire month without a win in an NBA season. That’s right, Detroit chalked up their 16th consecutive loss on Thursday. The kicker? They lost 118-112 to New York at Madison Square Garden. But hey, they put up a good fight.

Despite the loss, it seemed like they were moving in the right direction. Coach Monty Williams, despite his team’s NBA-worst 2-17 record, had some positive words. He said he was proud of his squad and saw a resilience they could build on. He even went as far as to say that the game was something they could build on.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for moral victories. Coach Williams seems to agree, saying he doesn’t know where that concept came from. But he was proud of the game, the output, the energy, and the production from his group. He believes that’s the kind of competitive edge they need to bring every single night.

The Pistons, coming off a 26-point defeat by the Lakers, actually seemed like they could pull off a win against the Knicks. They were even leading in the fourth quarter. But then, they hit a scoring drought.

Details are important in these games, and Detroit was outscored by 9 points at the foul line. They also committed 20 turnovers throughout the game. Despite the defeat, player Cade Cummingham had a positive outlook, telling the locker room that they got their “swag” back.

Cummingham, who ended the game with 31 points and 8 assists but also handed over 7 of those 20 turnovers, believes they can build off this game. He thinks this game should be their baseline, their minimum.

Coach Williams knew he had to shake things up. He decided to remove Jaden Ivey and Ausar Thompson from the starting lineup and put in Killian Hayes and Isaiah Livers. This change seemed to help the team flow better.

While Hayes moved Cunningham off the ball and let him focus on his offensive responsibilities, Livers gave the Pistons more space on the floor. Williams explained that when you lose this many games, you have to make changes. He’s committed to trying every lineup possible to give the team a chance to win games and grow.

As for Ivey and Thompson, they’re not fazed by the lineup changes. Whether they start or come off the bench, they’re committed to bringing the same approach and intensity to the game. Ivey, in particular, said that this change doesn’t affect his mindset. He’s focused on doing his job to the best of his abilities and maintaining a positive mindset. He sees this as just part of his journey.

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