Phoenix Suns Coach Mike Budenholzer: Contract, Salary, Net Worth, Record, Wife

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Mike Budenholzer is returning to coaching after a year off.

New Challenge with the Phoenix Suns:

Budenholzer is now leading the Phoenix Suns. The team has a tricky roster and limited options to fix it, but he aims to win their first NBA title. So, how much does he earn for this challenge? We’ll look into his salary, career records, net worth, and more.

Contract and Salary:

In May, Budenholzer signed a five-year contract with the Suns worth $50 million. That means he earns $10 million each year. Among NBA coaches whose salaries are known, he’s tied for fifth place with Doc Rivers. Coaches like Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich earn more than him.

All these top-earning coaches have won championships.

Net Worth:

Budenholzer’s net worth is about $3 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Most of his wealth likely comes from his long coaching career. He started as an assistant coach in 1996 under Popovich at the Spurs and stayed until 2013, winning four titles along the way. Then he became head coach of the Hawks until 2018 before moving to the Bucks where he won another championship but was let go after a first-round playoff exit in 2023.

Fans think Budenholzer’s journey is quite impressive!

Head Coaching Record:

Budenholzer has coached 801 regular-season games with a record of 484 wins and 317 losses (60.4% win rate). This puts him at 39th in all-time wins and 24th in win percentage among NBA coaches.
In playoff games, his record stands at 56 wins and 48 losses (53.8% win rate), ranking him 20th in all-time playoff wins and giving him the 36th-best playoff win percentage.

Family Life:

Budenholzer is married but his wife’s name isn’t mentioned often in news articles; she had health issues back in 2015 though. They have four kids: William Vincent, Savoia Elizabeth, Hanna Louise, and John Brent.

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