Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach Nick Nurse: Contract, Salary, Net Worth, Coaching Record, & Wife

– Nick Nurse helped deny the Golden State Warriors of a three-peat with his Toronto Raptors in 2019
– Nurse’s estimated net worth is three million dollars
– Nurse’s regular season head coaching record currently sits at 237-168

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Nick Nurse, whose coaching style is considered to be among the most innovative in basketball, has had a remarkable career. In 2019, he led the Toronto Raptors to victory over the Golden State Warriors in his first year as head coach, denying them a three-peat. Now, with the Philadelphia 76ers, he is working towards securing his second championship title.

Currently, the terms of his contract with the 76ers remain undisclosed, so his total compensation is unknown. However, his previous deal with the Raptors was valued at eight million dollars annually, a figure that likely exceeds the earnings of less experienced coaches. It is estimated that his current salary with the 76ers falls within the range of six to seven million dollars.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nick Nurse’s net worth is approximately three million dollars, with his primary source of wealth being his coaching career. Before joining the 76ers, Nurse amassed ten years of experience with the Raptors and additional coaching experience in the college ranks and NBA G League.

Nurse’s head coaching record includes 237 wins and 168 losses in regular season games, achieving a 58.5% win percentage. In the playoffs, he holds a record of 25 wins and 16 losses, reflecting a 61% win percentage. These results place him among the top 100 coaches in the history of the NBA in terms of both wins and win percentage.

Off the court, Nick Nurse is married to Roberta Nurse, with whom he shares two children. His nephew, David Nurse, has also been involved in professional basketball as a former employee of the Brooklyn Nets and is currently employed as a trainer for NBA players and other professional athletes.

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