Paul George No-Trade Clause Risk

The L.A. Clippers might give Paul George a no-trade clause to keep him on the team.

This special clause would let George say no to any trade during his next contract, giving him control over his future. “After signing Leonard to a three-year, $153 million extension during the season, that mark essentially set the standard for the Clippers in future negotiations with George, who the organization views as the team’s second-best player behind a healthy Leonard,” HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto reported. “…Potentially, the Clippers could offer George, a California native, a no-trade clause in his contract to help sway his decision.”

Giving Leonard such power could be risky for the Clippers . He’s often injured since joining in 2019 and will be older by his next contract. This means less flexibility for trades later on. The team might not see George as crucial in three years.

Clippers’ Dilemma:

Yet, they might have no other choice. Many teams are interested in George; notably, the Philadelphia 76ers are keen on getting him from Los Angeles. Offering extra security could make all the difference.

When fit, George remains one of NBA’s top wings and will surely get a hefty deal this summer. The Clippers’ strategy revolves around him and Kawhi Leonard working together. If securing him means adding a no-trade clause, it makes sense why they’d do it—though avoiding it would be better if possible.

Fans may wonder if this is really worth it for their long-term success.

Steve Ballmer wants his team to win championships badly and has spent big money making them top-tier from every angle. He needs results soon to justify all these investments.

What do you think? Should they give Paul George what he wants or hold back?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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