Paul George Chooses No. 8 Jersey to Honor Kobe Bryant in Philadelphia

After seeing Paul George in his new 76ers jersey, it’s hard to notice much difference since the colors are similar to his old team.

Paul George’s New Number

What really stood out was Paul choosing No. 8 to honor Kobe Bryant. This is the first time since 2015 that he won’t wear No. 13, which is retired for Wilt Chamberlain.

Kobe Bryant’s Influence

George remembered Kobe was born in Philly and started at Lower Merion High before joining the Lakers in the ’90s.

On his podcast, George said, “I had to do it. C’mon man, I’m in Philly.” He wanted to idolize Kobe by wearing No. 8 like Kobe did during his early years with the Lakers.

Other Reasons for Not Choosing No. 13

George also mentioned another reason for not picking No. 13: his son can’t pronounce it well and says “14” instead.

Fans think this is a sweet gesture from Paul.

He considered other numbers like 25 and 31 from high school but felt good about honoring Kobe with No. 8.

Transitioning from Clippers to Sixers

Five years ago, both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard joined the Clippers, but now George has moved on to Philly while Leonard focuses on Team USA and doesn’t mind Paul’s move as long as questions stay about the Olympics.

Joel Embiid’s Excitement

Joel Embiid called Paul an “amazing” fit for the team during an interview on SportsCenter.

Embiid thinks having shooters like George will help him play better inside and can’t wait for NBA action in October because playoff failures have been tough on him.

“I’d be lying if I said patience wasn’t tested,” Embiid admitted, emphasizing that only a championship can change his legacy now.

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James Shotwell
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