Oldest Player Scores 7 Threes in Playoff Game

The Celtics are crushing the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, leading the series 3-0.

Jaylen Brown is scoring like crazy, and Jrue Holiday keeps stealing the ball. But Al Horford has been a surprise star since Kristaps Porzingis got injured. In Game 3, Horford made seven three-pointers! This makes him the oldest player ever to hit that many threes in a playoff game.

Horford’s Historic Performance

Horford, almost 38 years old and in his 17th season, was amazing on Saturday. The Celtics were down by 18 points but came back strong. Even Jayson Tatum praised him after the game.

Tatum talked about how they trust each other on the court: “We always talk about spacing… That was a hell of a shot that he made.”

Before this game, Horford had only made six three-pointers in one game six times before. He did it against the Cavaliers two weeks ago and against the Warriors in Game 1 of the 2022 Finals.

Tatum Praises Horford’s Impact

“Whatever he does… he’s a guy that keeps us all together,” Tatum said about Horford’s leadership and skills. In Game 3, Horford scored 23 points with three blocks and one steal.

It’s amazing how Horford outshot all of Indiana from beyond the arc! “I’ve been very blessed… I’m very grateful for it,” said Horford about his unique position on this team.

Jrue Holiday’s Clutch Steal

Just when it looked like Indiana might win Game 3, Jrue Holiday saved Boston with a last-second steal from Andrew Nembhard during a fast break. The Celtics won by just three points: final score was 114-111.

With Boston up now at series lead of 3-0, even Al called Jrue’s play “unbelievable.” He repeated himself twice: “Man, that was unbelievable.”

The crucial play happened with less than ten seconds left. Nembhard drove hard but ran into Holiday who then swiped away cleanly for possession.

“I think I just made a play,” Holiday explained simply afterward while reflecting upon his instinctive move against an aggressive opponent throughout nightlong competition

Nembhard admitted defeat saying: “He got front me… lost ball slipped turnover.”

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James Shotwell
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