OG Anunoby Signs Massive Five-Year Contract with Knicks

OG Anunoby is sticking with the Knicks.

He plans to sign a five-year deal worth $212.5 million, according to Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN. The contract, which includes a fifth-year player option and a trade kicker, will be finalized after July 6.

This is the biggest contract in Knicks history . Just yesterday, the team also made another big move by acquiring Mikal Bridges from the Nets for five future first-round picks and a pick swap. With both Anunoby and Bridges, New York will have two top-notch three-and-D players for the next season.

Anunoby joined the Knicks last December in exchange for Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett from Toronto. He quickly made an impact by helping New York win 12 out of his first 14 games before getting sidelined with an elbow injury. His presence on the court was significant; during his 802 minutes played, the team had a +21.7 net rating.

Contract Details:

Injuries have been a recurring issue for Anunoby, who missed many games over recent seasons due to various ailments like hamstring problems during the Eastern Conference semifinals against Indiana. Despite these concerns, he secured a substantial deal averaging $42.5M per season—higher than his projected maximum starting salary of $42.3M per year.

Fans might think this is risky given his injury history but are likely excited about his potential impact on building a title contender in New York.

The structure of Bridges’ trade could affect New York’s salary cap situation for next season. Depending on how it’s arranged, they may face restrictions under either the first or second tax apron limits ($178.7M or $189.5M). Early reports suggest that Anunoby’s starting salary might be lower than initially reported at around $36.64M.

According to Bobby Marks from ESPN, New York’s current team salary is projected to be about $6.6M below the first apron with 11 players under contract (including two first-round picks). However, this figure could change as deals become official.

Anunoby was ranked No. 5 among free agents this year by Hoops Rumors’ top-50 list . Other top free agents like Pascal Siakam and Malik Monk have also agreed to stay with their current teams ahead of Sunday’s free agent period start date.

What do you think about Anunoby’s new deal?

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