New Suns Star Jusuf Nurkic Excited to Play Alongside Kevin Durant and Devin Booker

‣ Fans are celebrating the Suns’ victory in the Damian Lillard trade involving Jusuf Nurkic and Deandre Ayton.
‣ Jusuf Nurkic is excited about representing the Suns and believes they have a chance to win a championship.
‣ Nurkic feels it is unreal to play alongside stars like Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.


The recent trade between the Phoenix Suns and the Portland Trail Blazers has left fans buzzing with excitement. Many believe that the Suns came out on top, acquiring Jusuf Nurkic in exchange for Deandre Ayton. Nurkic’s dominant performance against his former team reinforced this belief, and the media wasted no time in interviewing him after the match.

Nurkic expressed his appreciation for his former team, stating, “Nothing but love for my former team.” However, he couldn’t hide his excitement for representing the Suns this upcoming season. Despite enjoying his time in Portland, Nurkic is eager to adapt to his new teammates and make the most of the opportunity presented to him.

Looking back at his time in Portland, Nurkic reflected on both the good and bad times, expressing love for the city and the organization. He emphasized that he would always feel love when he returns to Portland, regardless of what others may think.

Training alongside superstars like Kevin Durant and Devin Booker has been an unreal experience for Nurkic. He still can’t believe his luck and feels a sense of awe when playing alongside such talented players. Nurkic highlighted the team’s power and impressive scoring ability, acknowledging that he doesn’t need to focus solely on taking shots with so many talented teammates.

Overall, Nurkic is grateful for the trade and the opportunity it presents him to compete for a championship with the Suns. He believes that Phoenix is the best fit for him and loves their chances at winning it all. With an amazing roster and a supportive organization, Nurkic is ready to give his all and seize this opportunity.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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