New Pistons City Edition Uniforms and Court for 2023-24: ‘Bad Boys’ Inspiration

‣ The Detroit Pistons have unveiled their new Bad Boys-inspired City Edition uniforms for the 2023-24 season, featuring the skull and crossbone symbol and a “CD2” logo to honor the Bad Boys era and coach Chuck Daly.
‣ The City Edition uniforms display black as the dominant color, with orange accents and a modernized logo on the shorts referencing the original design.
‣ The Pistons will wear the City Edition uniforms for nine games, hosting seven “Detroit Bad Boys” nights with appearances by members of the 1989 championship team.


The Detroit Pistons have recently unveiled their new City Edition uniforms for the 2023-24 season, inspired by the legendary Bad Boys era of the franchise. These jerseys pay homage to the team that changed the way basketball was played in the NBA. The iconic skull and cross bone symbol from the Bad Boys logo is prominently featured on the jerseys, while a “CD2” logo on the jock tag honors the late Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly.

Alicia Jeffreys, the Chief Marketing Officer of the Pistons, expressed that these City Edition uniforms capture the blue-collar attitude of the city and the team’s history. “This year’s City Edition uniforms are inspired by the ‘Bad Boys’ era of Detroit basketball that personified the city and displayed the blue-collar attitude of Detroiters that still resonates to this day,” said Jeffreys.

These uniforms feature a departure from the traditional red, white, and royal blue colorway that the Pistons have worn for over six decades. Instead, black is the dominant color with accents of orange around the neck, arms, and sides. The logo on the shorts has been modernized and now includes a “313” reference, connecting to the skull and crossbones design from the original Bad Boys logo.

Former Pistons player and current radio analyst, Rick Mahorn, shared his perspective on the significance of the Bad Boys era. “When that name Bad Boys comes out, it’s Bad Boys doing good and not taking it into the context of Bad Boys just being bad boys. We played a physical brand of basketball, and that’s what was allowed back then,” Mahorn explained.

In addition to the City Edition uniforms, the Pistons have also unveiled a new court design for the upcoming season. The team plans to wear these special uniforms nine times throughout the season, and will also host seven “Detroit Bad Boys” nights, where members of the 1989 championship team will make appearances.

The Detroit Pistons are embracing their rich history with the Bad Boys-inspired City Edition uniforms and court design for the 2023-24 season. These jerseys symbolize the team’s impact on the NBA and the blue-collar attitude of the city. Fans can look forward to witnessing the legacy of the Bad Boys era being celebrated in nine games throughout the season.

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