New Clippers Star James Harden’s Alleged Decision to Cut All Ties with Daryl Morey

‣ James Harden’s trade to Los Angeles has been confirmed, ending his time with the Philadelphia 76ers and his relationship with former friend and boss Daryl Morey.
‣ Harden hasn’t spoken to Morey in months and doesn’t intend to speak to him again, citing a loss of trust.
‣ Russell Westbrook’s time with the Lakers didn’t go as expected and he was criticized, but Paul George believes he wasn’t used properly by coach Darvin Ham.


James Harden’s trade to the Los Angeles Clippers has finally been confirmed, marking the end of his time with the Philadelphia 76ers and his former friend and boss, Daryl Morey. Harden had been avoiding any interactions with Morey since the start of training camp in October, only communicating through his agent. A source reported that Harden had no intention of ever speaking to Morey again, stating, “This is not even about this situation. This is in life. When you lose trust in someone, it’s like a marriage. You lose trust in someone.”

Harden had hoped to become an unrestricted free agent in the offseason, but he grew frustrated as the weeks passed and the contract he desired didn’t materialize. The 76ers did offer him a max deal, but it was for only two years with a team option for the second season. This led to Harden calling Morey a “liar,” picking up his player option, and requesting a trade out of Philadelphia. He will have a few days to adapt to his new team, with his potential season debut anticipated in the upcoming game against the New York Knicks.

Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t live up to expectations. He found himself on the bench and faced constant criticism. However, his stint with the Lakers ended this February, and Paul George was hopeful that the Clippers would sign him. George expressed that people had written off Westbrook while he was with the Lakers, but he believes that Westbrook wasn’t utilized properly by coach Darvin Ham. George emphasized that Westbrook was still the same player he had been during his time with the Washington Wizards.

These two trades signify significant changes for both players as they embark on new journeys with their respective teams. Harden looks forward to making an impact with the Clippers, while Westbrook hopes for a fresh start after leaving the Lakers. Only time will tell how these moves will pan out for these star players.

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