Nets’ Nic Claxton May Earn $21 Million Annually in Free Agency

Brooklyn Nets center Nic Claxton could potentially earn $21 million per year on a new deal heading into free agency in 2024, according to NBA executives.
‣ Some executives think Claxton is worth as much as $27 million annually, while others value him in the $20-25 million range.
‣ Claxton has expressed a desire to play for a team that values him and hopes to continue with the Brooklyn Nets.


Nic Claxton, the Brooklyn Nets center, could be looking at a cool $21 million per year with a new deal. This is according to 12 NBA executives who were polled by HoopsHype.

Two out of these 12 executives think Claxton could be worth up to $27 million annually. Four other execs pegged Claxton’s value in the $20-25 million range. Meanwhile, two executives valued Claxton at $20 million per year.

Interestingly, a few NBA betting sites have the Nets at 22nd-ranked odds to win the championship this season. The New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and Indiana Pacers are showing better odds, according to sportsbooks.

Nic Claxton had something to say about his upcoming free agency. He’s looking for “a place where I’m wanted. I’m here now. Hopefully, everything works out with Brooklyn. I love it here.” (via: @MikeAScotto)

One NBA executive told Michael Scotto, “I could see $25 million per year as an inflation of Jarrett Allen’s deal for Claxton, or I could see Allen’s deal at $20 million annually.” Claxton himself wants to play for a team that values him.

Claxton, who’s 24, is currently making $8.75 million this season with Brooklyn. This comes as part of the two-year, $17.25 million deal he signed with the team in July 2022. His current contract includes $2.58 million in total incentives.

This season, Claxton has started 16 times. The 6-foot-11 center is averaging 12.2 points, a career-high 9.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 2.3 blocks, and 27.2 minutes per game. He’s also shooting 64.2% from the floor and a career-best 62.9% at the foul line.

In a game against the Atlanta Hawks, Claxton recorded a season-high 22 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, one steal, and three blocks in 37 minutes of action. Despite Brooklyn’s 147-145 loss, it was a standout performance.

Claxton ranks 13th in the NBA with 37 blocks. Last season, the University of Georgia product led the league in field goal percentage (70.5%).

Nic Claxton hopes to re-sign with the team in free agency. He is projected to make around $21 million a year. (per @MikeAScotto)

He finished second in blocks (189), 12th in total rebounds (702), fourth in defensive win shares (4.0), and second in true shooting (69.1%). Needless to say, Brooklyn cannot afford to let him walk.

If Claxton continues to play well, that should guarantee his extension from Brooklyn.

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