Netflix & Amazon Eye NBA Following In-Season Tournament Success

‣ Many streaming platforms, including Netflix, have shown interest in buying the transmission rights for the NBA’s newest In-Season Tournament.
‣ Netflix is investing heavily in live capabilities, according to co-CEO Ted Sarandos.
‣ Amazon is also reportedly interested in acquiring rights for the NBA’s playoffs to add value to their viewer’s membership.


Sports Business Journal has spilled the beans. They say a bunch of streaming platforms, Netflix included, are eyeing the NBA’s newest In-Season Tournament. Apparently, they’ve got a hankering for the transmission rights. And why not? The competition’s first stage was a slam dunk.

Netflix co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, chimed in. “We’re in the sports biz alright,” he said. “But we’re all about the drama of sport.” He also let slip that they’re “investing heavily in live capabilities.”

Now, this is just what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was hoping for. He’s been cooking up this In-Season cup for years. His aim? To reel in some big fish investors.

Silver admitted, “This idea’s been kicking around the league office for about 15 years.” He went on, “It’s not a new concept in sports. In-season tournaments are a staple in international soccer. So, we thought, why not the NBA? It’s a perfect fit for our game.”

The In-Season Tournament’s group stages are done and dusted. Teams are already duking it out in the quarterfinals. The last rounds will take place in Las Vegas. As the first edition unfolds, the competition is slowly winning over new fans, including some of the players themselves.

Kevin Durant recently counted himself as a satisfied customer of the NBA’s new tournament. He said the game’s atmosphere provides a different vibe from the regular-season exhibitions. The Phoenix star explained, “It’s not really how we feel, it’s about how the consumer feels about what they see. Hopefully they enjoy it.”

Now, Amazon’s also got their eye on the prize. They’re keen on acquiring the rights to transmit the league’s postseason. Why? To add value to their membership.

Just last week, Amazon exclusively transmitted the NFL’s first-ever Black Friday game. Now, they’re reportedly interested in the NBA’s playoffs. They want to add more bang for their viewer’s buck.

The league has been fielding bids for its new media rights deal set for 2025. Amazon’s Global Head of Sports, Jay Marine, recently shared why the streaming platform is keen to get some competitive basketball action. They want to reach a younger fan base.

Marine said in a recent interview, “Would something like the playoffs be an important part of [our bid]? Yes, I think that’s fair to say.” He added, “What fits is that it is one of the biggest leagues in the world, and people care about it. At the end of the day, do Prime members care about it? Is it important to their life? And as a result, can it be meaningful in terms of the value it adds to Prime members and the Prime program? And I think with the NBA, it is true on all of those fronts.”

Other major media companies are also in the running. ESPN, Apple, Google, Turner, NBC, and Netflix, to name a few. It’s been reported that on March 9, both ESPN and Turner will share a 45-day exclusive window to negotiate with the NBA.

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