NBA Teams with the Highest Cap Space in 2023

‣ The NBA teams with the most cap space for the 2023-24 season are the Indiana Pacers, Orlando Magic, San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz, and Detroit Pistons.
‣ The Detroit Pistons have the most available cap space, with $314,985.
‣ The NBA salary cap for the 2023-24 season is projected to be $136 million. The luxury tax threshold is $165 million.


The NBA teams with the most cap space heading into the 2023-24 season have been revealed. The league’s salary cap is anticipated to reach $136 million, with a luxury tax of $165 million. Here are the teams with the highest cap space as of October 2023:

In fifth place, we have the Indiana Pacers, who currently have a cap space of -$3.54 million. Despite being over the mark, the Pacers still have a better financial position than 25 other teams. They made some notable signings, including Tyrese Haliburton on a $205.9 million contract extension.

Next up is the Orlando Magic, who are also over the cap by -$3.33 million. However, the Magic have a bright future based on their young talent. Markelle Fultz is their highest-paid player, and they made signings like Anthony Black and Jett Howard to strengthen their roster.

The San Antonio Spurs hold a cap space of -$2.98 million, placing them in third. Keldon Johnson is their highest-paid player, and they signed Julian Champagnie and Tre Jones during the offseason. They also inked a lucrative extension with Devin Vassell.

The Utah Jazz, on the other hand, have a positive net cap space of $41,629. They entered the offseason with $43.92 million and currently have a total cap of $135.97 million. Their highest-paid player is John Collins, and they made signings like Taylor Hendricks and Keyonte George.

Finally, leading the pack is the Detroit Pistons with $314,985 in cap space. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they have the best roster, the Pistons have shown great financial management. Bojan Bogdanovic is their highest-paid player, and they made significant signings this offseason, including Ausar Thompson, Marcus Sasser, and Isaiah Stewart.

These teams’ cap spaces give them flexibility in roster construction and potential moves in the future. It will be interesting to see how they utilize their finances to build competitive teams in the upcoming season.

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