NBA Superstars’ Worth Against The Spread

‣ Sportswriter Ben Fawkes asked NBA oddsmakers to rank the point-spread value of 69 players
‣ Factors considered by the oddsmakers include the strength of the backup at the position, relative strength of the rest of the team, opponent, regular season vs. playoffs, new rotations, and strength of coach
‣ Nikola Jokic is ranked as the most valuable player against the spread, followed by Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, and Stephen Curry


The NBA season is always full of surprises, and one of the biggest factors that can impact the outcome of a game is the presence or absence of certain players. To get a better understanding of which players have the most value against the spread (ATS), USA Today sportswriter Ben Fawkes reached out to NBA oddsmakers for their rankings. The oddsmakers considered various factors when determining the point-spread value of each player, such as the strength of the backup at the position, the relative strength of the rest of the team, the opponent, and whether it is the regular season or playoffs.

Leading the pack as the most valuable player against the spread is two-time MVP and current NBA champion Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets, with a score of 5.15 points ATS. Jokic’s impact on the court is undeniable, and he is known for his ability to control the game on both ends of the floor. Other notable players in the top five include Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks, Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks, and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Interestingly, the oddsmakers had differing opinions on the rankings, with some favoring Embiid over Giannis and vice versa. One oddsmaker pointed out that Giannis has traditionally been the most valuable ATS player due to his ball-handling responsibilities, but Jokic has taken that title to a whole new level. Another factor that was mentioned is the defensive prowess of certain players, which can also impact the point spread.

Overall, this list provides valuable insight into the players that have the most impact on the outcome of NBA games in terms of the point spread. It’s clear that players like Jokic, Embiid, Giannis, Doncic, and Curry are highly regarded by both oddsmakers and fans alike. As the NBA season progresses, it will be interesting to see how these rankings hold up and if any players can make a rise in the standings.”

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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