NBA Stars Claim Bucks Handed Celtics NBA Title by Trading Jrue Holiday

It all kicked off Wednesday night when Joel Embiid voiced what many were thinking.

Questioning the Trade

After the Sixers got knocked out in the first round, Embiid took to social media. He hinted that Milwaukee might have handed Boston the championship by trading Jrue Holiday last summer. Now, with the Celtics leading 3-0 against the Mavericks in the NBA Finals, Embiid asked on his X account, “Did the Bucks give them the championship?”

The Big Trade

Back in October, Milwaukee traded Jrue to Portland for Damian Lillard. This move was part of a three-way deal that landed Jrue with Boston while sending Robert Williams III and Malcolm Brogdon elsewhere.

During these playoffs, Jrue has been solid with averages of 13.2 points, 6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game. As his team nears a sweep against Dallas for another title run, everyone’s noticing his impact.

Fans think this trade was a huge mistake for Milwaukee.

Praise from Teammates and Legends

After Game 3’s win, Charles Barkley called Jrue Boston’s “biggest difference-maker.” Jayson Tatum agreed: “I don’t know how they let us get him but I’m so happy we did,” he said. “He makes winning plays and lifts everyone’s defense.”

Former coach George Karl had predicted regret for Milwaukee: “People said I was crazy when I called swapping Damian for Jrue a downgrade,” he wrote on X.

Doc Rivers’ Reflections

Milwaukee’s new coach Doc Rivers also praised Jrue highly despite only coaching there briefly. He mentioned on The Bill Simmons Podcast how much of a leader Jrue was: “They loved Dame but losing Jrue left a big hole.”

A True Team Player

Known as one of basketball’s most balanced players, Jrue excels both defensively and offensively. But his best trait is doing whatever it takes to help his team win without seeking personal glory.

“When you come to Milwaukee,” Rivers added emotionally, “you hear stories about him—not just as an athlete but as an amazing person.” He concluded by saying that people like him are rare and it’s no surprise he’s set for another title because of who he is both on and off-court

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