NBA Players with Their Own Alcohol Brands

‣ Many athletes, including NBA players, invest in alcohol brands as an additional source of income outside of their sports careers.
‣ According to Boardroom, 13 NBA players, both former and current, have their own alcohol brands, including LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, and others.
‣ There seems to be a correlation between career success and owning an alcohol brand, as it requires significant financial investment. However, some players like CJ McCollum and Channing Frye, who never made an All-NBA team, also own their own alcohol brands.


Booze. It’s a favorite for many folks. Some enjoy it socially with pals. Others save it for those special moments. And then there are those who simply collect rare or pricey bottles.

Let’s not kid ourselves, alcohol is a pretty profitable business venture. Many athletes, for instance, get involved with various alcohol brands. It’s a nice little side gig, an additional source of income to their playing salary.

Now, since this is a basketball website (hence the name, duh), let’s talk NBA players. How many of them have their own alcohol brands?

According to Boardroom, 13 NBA players, both past and present, have their own booze brands. The list includes big names like LeBron James with Lobos 1707, Michael Jordan with Cincoro Tequila, and Stephen Curry with Gentleman’s Cut. Also on the list are Scottie Pippen (Digits), James Harden (J Harden), Carmelo Anthony (VII(N) The Seventh Estate), CJ McCollum (McCollum Heritage 91), Tony Parker (Château La Mascaronne), Charles Barkley (Redmont Vodka), Dwyane Wade (Wade Cellars), Yao Ming (Yao Family Wines), Channing Frye (Chosen Family Wines), and Isaiah Thomas (Cheurlin Champagne).

Surprised? Probably not. Most of these names make sense. Household names like James, Jordan, Curry, Pippen, and Harden having their own alcohol brand isn’t exactly shocking. It seems there’s a correlation between career success and owning your own alcohol brand. Makes sense, right? You need money to have your own brand. And to make money as an NBA athlete, you need to have a pretty good playing career.

Now, the only NBA players on this list who never made an All-NBA team (or All-Star team, for that matter) are CJ McCollum and Channing Frye. But, despite never reaching the heights that these other players reached, McCollum and Frye are/were very respected during their playing days. They’ve had long playing careers. Heck, McCollum is even the current president of the National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA).

Between McCollum and Frye, they’ve got 24 years (and counting) in the NBA. Not too shabby, eh?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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