NBA Open to Potential Regular-Season Game at Real Madrid Soccer Stadium

‣ NBA open to the possibility of holding a preseason match in the newly remodeled Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, which can transform into a basketball floor.
‣ The NBA is looking for a world-class pavilion held to certain standards in order to consider an official game abroad.
‣ Luka Doncic’s first game against his former European club, Real Madrid, was a total success despite his limited playing time due to a strained calf injury.


After the recent preseason game between the Dallas Mavericks and Real Madrid, there has been talk about the possibility of future NBA games taking place in the newly renovated Santiago Bernabeu stadium. This is an exciting prospect as it would mark the first official NBA game in Spain and the first time the league has played in an outdoor soccer stadium.

NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum expressed his interest in the idea, stating, “I’ve had the opportunity to see the new Bernabeu, and it’s incredible what they’ve done there… If the circumstances are right, we would love to play there.” The new Bernabeu has the ability to transform itself into different sporting arenas, including a basketball court, making it an ideal location for an NBA game.

Tatum explains that the NBA is looking for a “world-class pavilion” that meets certain standards in order to consider hosting an official game abroad. The league has previously experienced these top-notch facilities in London, and now they are looking to expand to other markets such as Spain, Germany, and Italy.

The recent game between the Mavericks and Real Madrid was a success despite the absence of Luka Doncic for most of the match. Doncic, a former player for Real Madrid, was disappointed that he could only play five minutes due to a recurrent strained calf. However, he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and the special significance of playing against his former club.

Overall, the potential for future NBA games in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium is an exciting prospect. It would not only be a historic moment for the league but also a unique experience for fans and players alike. With the NBA expressing their openness to playing games abroad, it will be interesting to see where the league chooses to go next.

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